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    buy a pcb already
  2. that costs a lot of money
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    or play mame, i'm a dude not a cop
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  4. @Muf
    I am building up to get a PCB. Going to do more research so that I can get all that I need to properly set it up. It's definitely on my radar, though. If anyone can point me in the right direction on resources here or elsewhere to get me started on that, it'd be greatly appreciated. Parts necessary, buying guide, etc and so on.

    I just tried that last night and .... IT WORKED!
    Well, it worked better. I still got the slowdown, but it took nearly 15 minutes before it kicked in, and it seems to take close to 15 or so minutes for it to kick back in every subsequent time. And the slowdown seemed to be less severe and last not as long. So, all in all, it has done something very positive at the very least. Great suggestion! What does dwm stand for? Digital Writes Management? *ba-dum-tss*

    Also, as a side note, I do play TGM2 on MAME, and curiously enough, the slowdown also occurs there as well. Same symptoms, too: worked just fine on W7, and only started experiencing the slow down on W10 machines. Believe me, it's very, very bewildering.
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  5. DWM is Windows' Desktop Window Manager. It's the hardware accelerated compositor that handles all the fancy stuff since Windows Vista but you could disable it up until Windows 7 (for whatever reason). I guessed W10 might be doing some bad stuff on the background to be compatible with an application that requests no dwm.

    I would suggest a hardware monitor to see if clocks change after those 15 minutes, or if there's a RAM leak somewhere.
  6. Ah, standard isolation troubleshooting. Honestly, I feel like a bonehead for not doing so earlier. I really should have taken care of that myself, but I appreciate you suggesting it because I would have likely forgotten for even longer because it didn't cross my mind at all. Going to give this a shot when I have some free time.
  7. Was anyone able to replicate this bug? I can make a video if needed
  8. I've got a peculiar bug. Apparently all my pieces are getting IRSed. I'm not holding/pressing anything during ARE but it still does an IRS.

    Here's a video showing what I mean https://puu.sh/zdrxr/402f9dd88a.mkv

    I can play through it for a little while but it gets very irritating towards the top.
  9. Did you check your key configurations? Maybe something that doesn't work correctly as an input device (something analog maybe) has been bound to one of the rotation buttons. IRS is the only logic in the game that looks for a rotation button being held rather than it being pushed, so it would have that effect.
  10. Unplugging a controller stopped the pieces from IRSing but now I have a problem where it logs a constant down input, making it totally unplayable.

    Edit: Disregard; restarting, going into system, and removing the device entirely has solved the problem.
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  11. oops
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  12. LOL
  13. Does anyone have a list of the names for the BGM used in the default Texmaster or something? I've wondered for a while and well I guess here is the best place I could ask.
  14. They're all from Counter-Strike, aren't they?
  15. Counter-Strike does not have a lot of BGM, let alone MOD Tracker stuff like most of what is featured in Texmaster. However, the title screen and credit roll music is taken from environmental sound files used in cs_italy -- flamenco.wav and guit1.wav, which are Reflejo Andaluz's Carcelera and Mauro Giuliani's Rossiniana No.2, respectively.
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  17. This is what I specifically said I already have, I'd like a linux build though.
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    Oh, I'm sorry. Not sure what I was on when I read your post. What's in the zip is all we have unfortunately.
  19. I just realised that the speed curve jump @300-500 for shirase is a little unwieldy. Basically i go from manual locking at 000-300 to barely being able to keep up with auto-lock. Also due to short ARE i can't pre-rotate my L/J which makes it harder since i cant do the lock->prerotate button combo


    Is there a way in texmaster to have custom speed curves? namely i'd want to try out 4 frame ARE with higher lock delays, so i'd have intermediary PPS values to train on...

    If anyone knows the hex values so i can just modify the program that would be neat :D

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