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  1. Just an idea, use Shiromino, you can change all the values in the UI very easily... I used it to train at 5G myself but.. yeah still learning!!!
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  2. Xealous

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    It doesn't have native joystick support but I'll check the input lag
  3. hey xealous good to see you o/

    on the contrary shiromino does have native joystick support :D

    good to see you playing shirase inspired modes -- they're pretty slick
  4. xealolus

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    Just checked, it has native joystick support but the key bindings are hard coded.

    I managed to recompile it with my joystick settings, but lo and behold the gamespeed is wrong, it's running half speed for some reason when i compile it but correct speed in the distributed version ;(
  5. Was working fine when I was recompiling it. Both tex & shiro to be fair!
  6. how did you compile texmaster? i thought the source code is secret.
  7. we should fix the first page .ini error and rehost 2009-3. i've done this.

    No errors detected in compressed data of Texmaster2009-3.zip; but another should check before updating first post... and rehost ))

    we should have 2009-5 in the first post.
  8. added IPS patched world rule by sashlilac to the 2009-5 archives
  9. Well it runs perfectly on my game player and I love it completely. This is seriously one of the best game I have ever gone through. Thanks!
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  10. added a link to quakenet IRC
    added a link to this forum thread

    it's nice to read you tejar3777. ye texmaster is great.
  11. Hi guys. I'm a long time (average) Texmaster player but for some bizarre reason I've lost my directional D-PAD controls on Texmaster for my wireless Xbox One controller.

    Could someone explain to me what values I put in '?' within the Texmaster2009.ini text file?

    player1_povhat = ?
    player1_axis = ?
    player2_povhat = ?
    player2_axis = ?

    P.S. I also have hard drop on which wasn't on before, how do I disable it or will it be disabled when I've fixed the above?

    Thanks to all replies and keep up with the great work on Texmaster!
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  12. OMG, I fixed my own problem! I plugged it in a different USB port and it works fine.
    And I plugged it back to the original USB port and it still works fine!!
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  13. I enjoy using Texmaster. It's easy to set up and works easily with my arcade stick. I just wish it was easier to change the audio files to suit my preferences. I've noticed people reference older versions of Texmaster that include an audio converter but all mirrors are unavailable. Is there any solid way to change the in-game sound files?
  14. well i like the idea you have shared here. Thanks for such an amazing and quality work. I have found the answer of your question

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