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Thread in 'Competition' started by herc, 3 Jan 2008.

  1. K


    now there is a video this time :V
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  2. 10:47
  3. ei


    Thanks to MHL's combined leaderboard thing I found out I apparently never had a record on 20G mode. Not satisfied with this but it is still sub10 so whatever. Probably more effort will be put toward 20G at some point.

    GM @ 9:56:56


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  4. I finally started putting together some runs for 20G. This was definitely not an optimal game, and it was already my second PB of the day. Hopefully more to come!

  5. upload_2018-7-21_1-59-55.png
    easily beatable
  6. I decided to play a game of 20G tonight and managed a pretty substantial PB - Gm @ 10:22:80 (video)

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  7. upload_2018-8-13_1-42-32.png
    better, still bad
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  8. Have an 11:34:23 GM now. It should go down if I actually binge this for the next few days like I intend. If it doesn't, I'll cut the video up and provide proof.
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  9. figured I might as well get on this board too :)
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. K


    I see some nice use of double rotation :)
  12. [​IMG]

    GM @ 09:09.86

    First half was 04:37.28. Lots of strange judgment calls in the final section, but it still worked out.
  13. Leaderboard updated!

    It's nice to see some fresh faces around here as well as other players picking up this mode! Changes are as follows:

    -New additions-
    Echo - GM - 11:47:90
    cleure - GM - 10:07:98
    d4nin3u - GM - 11:29:23
    ei - GM - 09:56:56
    PartyManX - GM - 10:39:73
    Oliver - GM - 10:27:81
    Squidlarkin - GM - 12:22:08

    -Player PBs-
    ApertureGrillz - 7 to 4 - 23.33sec saved
    K - 1 to 1 - 5.5sec saved (Still the western king!)
    EnchantressOfNumbers - 15 to 16 - 22.38sec saved
    Icefox - 23 to 19 - 1min 31.95sec saved
    MaryHadALittle - 11 to 3 - 45.4sec saved

    All links in the OP send you to the corresponding post.

    @GyRo your link is broken so I can't see anything. Could you re-upload your PB?
    @xyrnq Still waiting on that upload. :whistle:
  14. I don't think Kevin's likely to upload my more recent PB (which was at his place) due to the upcoming video restrictions. That time was 10:28:88. You can check with him if he still has the video locally (I'd like a copy too!) but I am an honorable competitor who would not lie about scores or times. As are all of you, I trust.
  15. It's alrightI can see as to why the video would be taken down. It's just the last time you posted I had nothing to work with other than "Here's my PB! *broken link*". I trust you enough to say the PB was legit so I'll add it as is. :)
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  17. kai


    might as well put something here, huh?


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