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Thread in 'Competition' started by herc, 3 Jan 2008.

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    Just to own Ai a little.


    Now, Ai, compete with me here. We both need 20G training. [​IMG]
  2. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    I need a lot more training before I get a score like yours! I really wish I could stack better in 20G. Well I'll see what I can do in the next few weeks! ^^
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    Happy to be of help [​IMG]
    I hope to be able to give more stuff in the future to the TGM community.
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    I finished, but didn't hit S4 by 500. Was at 38000-some odd points. That one's actually pretty hard to hit, because the scoring's harsher in 20G mode since the soft drop bonus non-existent.
    Try again to be a grand master~
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    I've got a stick now (HRAP3 with the Hori buttons replaced with Sanwa buttons). It's much more fun to play TGM now. =P I was just training, didn't aim for any record, but since I beat the one above me in the list, I might as well just post the score.

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    Finally! [​IMG]
    Faster than my S9 time too.
  7. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    Still low scores unfortunately. I've been able to get over 300 on a few occasions on NDS TGM, but still too hard on PC. The moment I stack too hight I get in trouble easily. At least I'm not last anymore. ^^
  8. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    Finally over 300 on PC, but still no rank improvement...

    Also almost got S5 in TGM earlier today. Highest level ever achieved! S4 mastering time was very bad though...

  9. K


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    Gm in 10:07:25 [​IMG]
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    Bon, tuuuuu...... [​IMG] dgages ok !?
    Tu me laisses 1er ici stp... [​IMG]
  11. K


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    f**** off [​IMG]
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    First time playing this in a few months. Nearly got GM but I didnt reach S1 by 300 but i carried on anyway.

  13. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    Not enough to go up in the rankings, but it's a step forward.
  14. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    I've been focusing on TGM 20G practice this week and this is my best result so far:

    Almost S1 which has been a long time target. But as is almost always the case I somehow messed up when I was oh so close to achieve it. By the way almost no manual locking.

    Speed is not a big issue any more because of speed traing in LJ and my practice sessions in Death and Shirase. Stacking is improving a little and I'm also a little more comfortable with overhangs and clearing through garbage. But it feels like I'm still missing something important before I can confidently play at 20G. The Japanese page with TGM rotation animations has been a big help. I try to use 3 buttons, but always find myself using 2 buttons after a while when the stack gets a little higher. Hopefully the big 20G breakthrough isn't far away any more. ^^ Anyway with this kind of performance S7 should be doable now, so I will be focussing more on TGM the next few weeks.

    Here is another TGM fail from yesterday:

    I am cursed there is no doubt about it any more. It really does feels like I fail on purpose. Maybe subconsiously I don't want to succeed...

    Pretty bad run though. But I wasn't really pushing myself either. ^^
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    Do you have a Texmaster replay? Start from 500 and see how far you can go, I was going through the exact same pain you were back in January.
  16. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    Thanks for looking into it! And don't expect too much! ^^ Most of the games in the replay were played today. Some replays are not there for some reason. My S6 from Normal Mode is nowhere to be found for example and a 500-9XX run from last week isn't there either. Highest I could get is about 850.

    My games are all about survival as you will see. Very chaotic to say the least. You will realize very fast why I will need a bit of luck to get S7 in TGM. You will also notice that I don't use manual locking very often and that I still prefer using only 2 buttons.

    By the way my Ti style games are played without hold and suck very much!
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    Did you press F11 (player 1 game over) too early? The replay will not save if you do. If you know you want the replay saved, don't press F11.

    Oh and damn, you survive much longer than me. Dunno if it is that I play more risky etc. Some psychological barrier or something.. And you don't manual lock, like I do.. and you say you don't use all three buttons effectively (like I do). Man, I wanna get better! You also have a better time than me in Lockjaw. Hm. But I should download replays of the LJ record and this Texmaster replay in the previous post. Haven't watched them. [​IMG]
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    I use only two buttons to rotate; I can't do the L/J triple rotates fast enough at high speed 20G on step reset, but for now, two buttons suffices.
    Ai: I think, in general, that you try to fix holes immediately, with the first piece that looks like it might plug one row of a two-row deep hole. This creates lots of little holes, which are a nightmare to go through especially 1) if there's no Hold and 2) if they are in the center.

    With regards to specific pieces: L/J triple rotates, I rotations, and autosynchros with the I. That is, this page where it talks about the I a lot.

    I prepared some 500-999 replays on Normal, some with locking and some without. You can also watch 2 Gm games, some Special completions, and random other games. (Note that in the games I didn't manually lock, there are a couple more mistakes than usual, because I rotate or move before it locks)

    Replays: here
  19. Ai


    Re: [TGM1] (20G Code)

    Thank you very much for looking into it. ^^

    About using only 2 buttons. I've come to understand that even some of the great players only use 2 buttons. Baxter wasn't even aware of a third button. ^^

    As I try to stay as low as possible I indeed try to clear lines as fast as possible, which does indeed create a nightmare stack to work with in most cases. I'll try to correct this behaviour and try to study the Japanese pages more thouroughly.

    As for the replay you posted I'm unable to watch anything. When I go to the replay page I only see "check sum error" listed everywhere instead of replay files. Other replays seem to work fine though.

    Anyway do you think I still have a long way before I can play 20G decently or do I just have to take care of some details?

    Could be the case but I'm not enterily sure.

    I'll edit this post later today or one of the following days and post a sav file with me manual locking. Then you will realize that if you play less risky you would be able to go alot further. ^^
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    I am using the latest texmaster, which might introduce a checksum error.
    Try this, again? My webhost seems to be down.

    Your 20G technique was mirroring mine when I transitioned from Ti style to TGM/TAP style. You are getting there, but I would say that one thing to work on is I placement. If there's nowhere else to put one, going vertical in column 5 is rarely bad, since it affords maneuverability on the stack for every piece, including another I (allowing it to go left as needed; just double tap and rotate).

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