Challenge: [TGM][TAP] The mfm005's Challenge

Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 7 Jan 2008.

  1. Well, I know I can do it :biggrin:
  2. TAP 914
  3. TGM1 686.
    I took a screenshot about 4 pieces later when I didn't have to IRS.
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Please mfm, when you do something so insane, make a video..:)
  5. Ai


    I think S9 was achieved at level 848 and I agree with Amnesia. If you have inp files please do share them! I'm more than willing to take a look and make videos. Congrats with all your improvements, especially the S5 in TAP Master Big Block mode is awesome. I hope to see even more progress in the future. ^^
  6. haha, I was going to post my 649 S9 when I saw mfm's new record.
    Going back to work (btw, I can get sub 100 S1 now, but it's very difficult and pretty useless lol )
  7. Ai


    Woah S1 under level 100 without bravo? I have gotten grade 1 a few time but nowhere near S1. ^^
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    shit ! I can't get under 3..:$
  9. yeah grade 3 max before s1 for me too :(
    but this is also very hard:
  10. holy jesus
  11. you need two huge TAP normal mode combo-likes before 100 (starting the first one as late as possible), getting a double tetris combo makes it easier ^^
    With a bravo, I'm confident S2 might be possible lol
  12. while doing some (missed) score attack:

  13. Ai


    I tried for about an hour and the best I could get was grade 2. Not even close to grade 1 unfortunately. A lot of help from the randomizer is necessary to obtain a high grade in the first section. I'll post a video if I manage to get closer to S1. ^^
  14. TAP - I've gotten S1 entering 500 by tetrising at 499 before. Once, in all my games. It's very rare.

    Just tried TGM 0-100: Got a grade of 2. Too annoying to keep trying. How the heck are 1 and S1 possible?
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  15. No counterstop, S9 8min02 clear game.
    Actually, wasn't going for this at all but popped up all of a sudden :biggrin: so I'm pretty happy :biggrin:

  16. Holy cow, congrats!

    Do we have a video for that one?
  17. I think I saved another inp on it T_T

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