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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 12 Jul 2009.

  1. Ai


    Games from clones are allowed. For records to get accepted you need to complete the game and get S8 or lower in TGM and S6 or lower in TAP. Only submissions with a grade lower than m1 for Ti will be accepted. Also added TAP Normal score attack. Texmaster Novice scores are also welcome, but they will get a seperate leaderboard.

    A screenshot of the best performances will be posted over here! ^^


       Player       Grade  Score   Time       Comment
    1. rednefed     S5     62868   14:18:35   TGM - Only 1 tetris!
    2. Ai           S6     73993   17:36:76   TGM - Again no tetris!! ^^
    -. Ai           S6     74492   15:29:85   TEX - No tetris!
    3. LOst         S7     97016   13:59:78   TGM - [URL=""]Video![/URL]
    4. wksrdg       S7     -----   13:49:--   TGM
    5. Tony76       S8     101190  15:07:00   TGM
    6. mufunyo      S8     102526  11:32:05   TGM
    7. Goplat       S8     115326  14:10:70   TGM

    TAP Master

       Player       Grade  Score   Time       Comment
    1. rednefed     S4 GL  134525  12:24:43   TAP - First Try!
    2. SQR@^^^      S4 OL  134342  13:10:18   TAP - Attempted to clear only singles!
    3. Ai           S5 GL  180701  11:38:75   TAP - Not intended... ^^;
    4. Caithness    S6 GL  ------  11:52:93   TAP
    5. Bou          S6 GL  ------  11:21:73   TAP - Lucky...
    6. DeHackEd     S6 OL  188658  09:26:33   TAP - [URL=""]Video![/URL]


    Ti Master

       Player       Grade  Score   Time       Comment
    1. rednefed     3      139466  12:03:36   TEX - Obtained grade 4 before!
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  2. Special Ti
    3, 999 @ 12:03:36
    I know 4 is possible - did it before the texmaster update, a long time ago.
  3. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    My first 999 in TGM2 was an S6. My flash player is currently broken so you'll have to get the time and score for yourself at

    At the time, that was a good performance for me.
  4. Ai


    Thanks both for your participation! ^^ I've updated the leaderboards and Ti requirements. I was planning on changing the grades accepted after seeing the results in the Heboris G1 Lowest Grade Challenge thread earlier. I also have confirmation from rednefed now.

    If you want to see something changed to the leaderboards format or have anything else on your mind please do let me know! ^^
  5. Here's my attempt for the lowest score:
    S4-Orange, 13:10:18, 134,342pts. (no medals awarded; on Jan. 11, 2009)

    Originally it was one of my killtime attempts recently started out: to clear entire game of TAP-Master without clearing lines but by singles. (Speaking of TI-Master, it was successfully attempted by jin8, getting S9.) But this failed, so I changed mind and managed to get an orange line. My best run was 700+ or like that, but I have no hope to gain more levels without doubles. It was suckingly difficult challange that I shouldn't even think of a try.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Ai


    Wow very nice SQR@^^^! Welcome and thanks for your participation!

    It's insane you tried to finish the game clearing singles only. And getting over 700 in TAP with no hold is an amazing feat in itself.

    You are welcome to invite others to post their records or post them yourself over here.

    Also I have a request. I'm wondering what the best known score and time in TAP Normal mode is. And are there any videos you know of? I would appreciate your help. Oh and good luck finishing T.A. Death in under 5 minutes. ^^
  7. I've played these games since 2006 and I still can't reach 999..
    Though, I've only been really serious about it for the last year or so.
    And in 06-07 I mostly played SRS on Heboris.

    But I'll join you soon enough, that's a promise. If I miss all cools I should be able to, but when you're used to go fast it's really hard to NOT get them. :)
  8. First try.
    TAP: S4, 999 @ 12:24:43 (134525 score)
    Green line: lowest grade, right?

    Interesting findings:
    • When you're doing singles, it doesn't take much effort to just stay alive
    • What you do in the first 350-400 levels doesn't matter as to your grade
    • S1 @ 650, S2 @ 750, S3 @ 850, S4 @ 950
  9. Ai


    Yes, you're right. If you play with the intention to get a grade as low as possible in TAP Master it's best to just suicide during the semi-invincible roll. I only made the difference between GL and OL when DeHackEd submitted his score. Back then I placed his game above the other S6 performances because it was the only S6 with a known score.

    So if I'm not mistaken:

    1. Lower rank is better
    2. GL is better than OL
    3. Lower score is better
    4. Slower time is better
    Is this the correct way I should order the TAP Master leaderboard?

    Got S1 around level 750 earlier, but I didn't get to the end... I highly doubt S3 is possible though.

    Well it's good to see some activity in this thread. ^^


    Or is it:

    1. Lower rank is better
    2. GL is better than OL
    3. Slower time is better
    4. Lower score is better
    I think this is more correct if we're just taking the TAP Master leaderboard of finished games and reverse the order? I just want a fair leaderboard, but at the same time it needs to be challenging enough.
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  10. A quick reply on your request (sorry that's a bit irrelevant issue):

    You can observe the unofficial leaderboards if your browser doesn't mind showing Japanese-character fonts: (TGM) (TAP and TI)

    According to that leaderboard, the best known score in TAP-Normal is 614,459 pts. (with 1 double AC), and among only plays without bravo, 573,824 is the best game ever performed.
  11. Ai


    Thank you very much for the links.

    2 AC in a TAP Normal game of 300 levels is insane. And 573824 without AC is a score of 418452 without adding the the time bonus which is crazy. It's even higher than my Texmaster Novice mode score.

    Looks like there's a massive amount of room for improvement. ^^
  12. Unless I'm mistaken, I think it was only one bravo. The double refers to the size of the line clear or the size of the combo, I'm not sure which.
  13. Ai


    You're right colour_thief. In the comments JUN mentions combo and 2 lines, so maybe the bravo resulted from a combo with a double at the end.

    About the leaderboards. I'll keep things the way they are now. So score will stay more important than time and I'll favor faster clear times as it's more difficult to accomplish. It's unlikely that there will be games with the same score so time won't probably matter in the end though. GL/OL actually doesn't really affect the main focus of the challenge, but I'll just keep them mentioned.

    As for the record acceptance requirements I set before. I'll be more lax and add special performances like for example no tetrises, only singles etc. regardless of grade.

    I hope this is fair enough for everyone. ^^
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  14. Ai


    I'm on a Tetris break at the moment, but I still play from time to time. I made up a silly challenge again. How low can you score in TAP Normal? I played a few games and was close to getting under 40000.

  15. Ai



    Confirmation in TGM. No 15 minute kill timer as you can see... ^^' Someone with amazing skills might be able to get S5. Lower is certainly impossible.
  16. Ai



  17. I was bored.
    1 tetris.
    TGM1: S5, 999 @ 14:18:35
    score = 62868
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  18. [​IMG]

    At first I thought "Hah, this'll be easy! All I have to do is just clear nothing but singles!"

    But then I remembered the bonus upon finishing Normal. And I accidentally got 2 Tetrises.

    I will keep trying.
  19. Ai


    Excellent rednefed!! Great time.

    I mentioned before that S5 would be possible, but I didn't think someone could get such a low score. You own this thread. Only need to play the TAP Normal challenge to be at the top of everything. Again respect. This is reason enough to play this again someday.

    Nice to see someone else play this. Your score would have been very close to mine if you played slower to avoid getting the bonus score. Of course I can calculate the bonus score and substract it from the total score and use that for the leaderboard. I'm not sure I'll allow that, but I'll think about it.
  20. [​IMG]

    Do I have to play on TAP? I really don't want to do this again.

    Never mind. It seems like that scoring on TAP Normal is much more fluctuated compared to TGM2 Normal. I'll do this again on TAP.


    I think this would've been closer to 40k had I not accidentally cleared a triple nearing 300. I panicked.
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