[TGM1] Bounty: Become the next Grand Master!

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 19 Jan 2014.

  1. (Might as well get another thing I have been slacking on out there while I am posting. :sneaky:)

    Inspired by Harry's bounty thread, here is something a little different: I will send a Tetris: The Grand Master 1 arcade board to the first new player that can achieve GM rank!

    Now, "new" is sort of loosely defined, but anyone that is already GM, has finished a run, or is practiced enough to have a fighting chance at completing a run should consider themselves out. If you haven't played the game or have only tested the waters, this event is for you. This should include pretty much all NES players, and I know quite a few have been meaning to try the game but not had the time to get started on it. Well, here is the perfect time to start!

    To claim the bounty, you must submit a verifiable replay file or video of a GM performance. To maximize participation and minimize setup troubles, I will be accepting submissions from fan games that have a mode based on TGM1:

    • Texmaster (Normal mode with Classic rotation)
    • Nullpomino (Grade Mania 1 mode with Classic1 rotation, no tuning)

    These fan games automatically save replay files after each run, so feel free to use them if you are having trouble with emulation. I will try to provide pre-configured packages of fan games acceptable for use soon.

    I'll continue to update this thread as I am able, but I wanted to get this announcement out there. In the meantime, please post if you want to participate and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Good luck!
  2. Man... I wish this kinda thing was around when I was new. Someone better work at this, and FAST or I will be so disappointed. :( Do not squander this opportunity, beat your rival etc.
  3. Gah.

    Can I put a claim on winning by getting sub 10:30 or sub 10:00 in the Eindhoven meet if nobody else has it by then? Not that either is particularly likely to happen :V
  4. What a brilliant idea Kitaru!

    I feel a tad cheeky asking, but am I allowed to participate in this contest? I can assure you I have played very little 20G-style Tetris (I don't think Tetris DS counts, does it? Lol), though I did used to play around with Heboris from time-to-time. If I am allowed, is there an option on Heboris (2003?), that emulates such a mode or do I need to download Texmaster or Nullpomino? And don't laugh too hard, but how does one obtain a GM rank?

    - Jono
  5. Survive to 999 with a high enough score basically - TGM1 doesn't have particularly complex requirements (all the info is on the wiki either way).

    And you might as well get Texmaster or Nullpomino - they're substantially better than Heboris is anyway (and Nullpomino is basically Heboris II anyway).

    And from what I remember of a few of your TGM/TAP attempts back in the day, I think you should be eligible :p
  6. Yeah I'm for sure gonna give it a try...
  7. Yeah, I definitely think the NES players should try this out, though I know someone who probably visited this forum a few days ago who could very well try this as well :)
  8. I think Jono will probably put us NES'ers to shame in this, but I might try to be the first NESer (other than kitaru although maybe hes a tgm person who also plays NES). I just need to get a good computer system going :( My old computer I played Cultris on tanked and the one I use now is terrible. I might need to use this an an excuse to get a new computer ;)
  9. I had a plan to try and train a friend who has dabbled in TGM (definitely not enough to exclude him from this) to win this, but he might not be able to take on someone like the others who have truly great standard Tetris skills that have expressed interest.

    I'll probably still try to train him, unless he straight up doesn't want to do it.
  10. Training an apprentice... I like it! :D It fits the spirit of the bounty pretty nicely.

    Sorry for excluding expert players this time around! Though, I may have to organize something for standing Grand Masters in the future...
  11. Flicked through the Wiki and I seem to have a slightly better understanding of how to reach GM now – play fast and be sure get plenty of Tetrises :D

    Just downloaded Texmaster than :)
    Regarding the configuration of controls on Texmaster: is it possible to create your own custom controls? I could only work out how to change between the default configurations. Basically, I was looking at replicating the default controls of Lockjaw: left and right directional keys for left and right movements, up directional key for hard-drop, down directional key for soft drop, Z and X for left and right rotations and D for hold.

    Yipee!!! Oh, happy days!!!
  12. Here is my Texmaster config for reference: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6489072/tetris/Texmaster/Texmaster2009.ini -- I'm using arrows for movement, ZXC for rotations, and Space for Hold. There is a key code reference sheet in the html folder if you want to change anything. However, TGM1 does not feature a fast drop or Hold, so this config should suit you perfectly for the purpose of this event. :)
  13. If you do TAP Gm to win a TAP Board I literally won't play anything else until somebody has won it :p
  14. Thanks heaps Kitaru ^^ I just noticed the "key" in the HTML folder than :facepalm: Its all makes perfect sense now...

    - Jono
  15. (I'd love to see status updates get posted in this thread, to get a sense of the activity and each player's progress to the goal. :3)
  16. Ok, but only because you asked so nicely ^^ I have only had a chance to play around with Texmaster a few times since downloading it; I have mostly been practicing from level 500 (which I highly recommend to others 'new' players trying this challenge for the first time), but I am yet to reach level 999. I was doing pretty well last-night (stacking wise that is); I think I am finally starting to get the hang of the rotational system (which is very new and somewhat bizarre to me) - with any luck I should get from 500 - 999 this evening (after I finish work), than I am going to start working on going from level 0 - 999 (hopefully by the end of the week).

    Ok, so I played Texmaster for a bit yesterday evening, didn't go as good as I was hopping, than proceeded to play Lockjaw instead :p I am however getting into the habit of "warming up" on Texmaster first, before going on to play Lockjaw - it actually REALLY helps with finesse (not to mention stacking).

    - Jono
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  17. Progress at last! Finally completed levels 500-999 today (at work :sneaky:)

    Time: 6:01.33

    Obviously, there is still plenty of room for improvement, but it looks like I can start playing from level 0 B)

    - Jono
  18. Hello TC.net! I'm sorry to write my first post right here, but I think some members of tetrisconcept know me already (namely Kitaru). I'm here to hop on this challenge, given how much I'd like to get an arcade board, the real thing. (And to give Jono a rival, of course)

    The highest grade I ever had was S5 (set in Nov 19 2013). I hadn't played Texmaster for a long time, so I hope I can be accepted as "new".
    I'll be streaming my progress at my Twitch channel if I'm allowed to participate.
  19. Hi there Extruderx.

    Join in on the fun I say :D

    Got a new time today (whilst at work again :awe:):
    Levels: 500-999
    Time: 5:53:86
    Score: 103345
    Rank: S8

    Going to play some more after work and see how I go ^^

    - Jono
  20. COL


    You need to finish the game with 126000 points with at least 40000 when you reach 500. the times are also ok. So you could earn your Gm very soon !

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