[TGM1] Bounty: Become the next Grand Master!

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 19 Jan 2014.

  1. @Extruderx: S5 is on the edge, but it implies strong Tetris skills without yet having mastered 20G. It's also putting you on similar footing to other participants, so I think it's OK. I've seen some screenshots from Squiidux in that S4 area, and you can see M.Bison is putting in some fierce practice sessions as well!
  2. Hi, Frenetic from The Shooting Game Weekly here. I heard about this from mikehaggar and figured this is as good time as any to try my hand at it. I've 1cc'd some shmups...I love challenges.

    mikehaggar's graciously let me borrow his TGM1 pcb and I've been making some progress. I went from level 9 to level 4 today. Haw haw. :rolleyes:

    I will post in this thread after I get to another level. :biggrin:

    --the F-man
  3. Hey there Frenetic, nice to see a familiar face! ;)
  4. Came pretty damn close today (I think):
    Levels 0-999
    Time: 12:17:10
    Score: 117657
    Rank: S9

    - Jono
  5. @Frenetic: Awesome, welcome to the fray! :D If you need any help in picking up Tetris/TGM, feel free to ask.

    @M.Bison: Oh wow, that's quite close! :o

    Also, a note on Texmaster replays so you can ensure you are ready to submit if you complete a run: the save format has 999 slots for replays, so if you've been doing a ton of practice runs then you might want to free up some space (F6 to view and manage replays) or start a fresh .sav file so you ensure the winning game is recorded.

    Nullpomino users should be OK as long as the game is in a folder with write permission -- every replay is recorded in a separate file and marked with a timestamp. Make sure your replay folder has .rep files in its contents and you should be good to go.
  6. While practicing, I've got a couple of S4 runs and has just beaten my record in Sudden (257 to 369).
    It's still very far from Jono's almost completed GM run, but I'll continue trying. He clearly deserves GM grade though.
  7. I got to level 3 today. Woot! :D


    Now I got to level 2 today. Yay!

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  8. Thank you Kitaru for getting my motivation back to try this! I doubt I will succeed in getting GM, but it's once again fun to play Tetris.


    This is my best so far, score 53917 (actually was my first game of the session and the ONLY game where I went above section 400 on a session of about 30 minutes.
  9. Keep it up buddy!
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  11. Congrats! Enjoy your day of infinite happiness, and your TGM board I'll be super jealous of. :D
  12. Congratulations man! That game was very interesting to watch =)
  13. Nice one Jono!!!

    Would you say a few words about the journey? How hard it is relative to other stuff? What did you have to learn to convert your thinking to a TGM-compatible mindset? At the end of it do you like the game? Enough to revisit it when you get your PCB?
  14. Thank you very much ^^ My older brother just so happens to have an Astro City, so I will be able to plug the board directly into that :D It will be a good excuse for me to visit him more often too, lol. I might have to look into purchasing a Super Gun that takes a keyboard down the track though :sneaky:

    Cheers; glad you enjoyed the run :)

    Thanks heaps!

    Gladly ^^

    Well, the challenge was actually quite a bit harder than what I thought it would be (mostly due to the different rotational system). The thing that kept getting me (and still does quite a bit) is the behaviour of ‘I’ blocks; that was the main thing I had to learn (or rather relearn)– and thankfully Kitaru hosts a rather brilliant TGM guide (-as you no doubt already know) that taught me everything I needed to know is less than an hour – thanks again Kitaru :biggrin: I don’t think I could really compare it to anything else in terms of ‘hardness’; I find it to be more ‘tricky’ than most (that’s for sure), but that’s about all I can say in terms of difficulty. Speed wise, I find it very comfortable to play B) Despite being (extremely) frustrating (for me) at times I do like the style of gameplay (quite a bit); and I certainly intend to play it a lot more, but not with the ‘classic’ rotational system (sadly) – I really do prefer using ‘world’, as it’s far more compatible with the other styles of Tetris I play – and yes, I agree it’s WAY easier to use :awe:

    I should have probably mentioned earlier that I think the music on Texmaster is pretty damn awesome too; particularly the first track (– if only it played for the entire game). However, I was rather disappointed by the backgrounds… :\ I do miss seeing surreal stratosphere-esque, purple neon backgrounds (as seen in various versions of Heboris), that appear to be portals to other realms and such :D But that was probably the only letdown with the game (well, that and having to customize your controls using a ‘key’ and text-folder?!?).

    Overall, I would say was it was a fun, educational and memorable experience :awe:

    - Jono
  15. Congratulations for this great achievement and winning the first PCB :)

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention:

    Next player that will reach the GM rank on tgm 1 will get a tgm1 pcb.
    So the challenge keeps on going.

    Keep on stacking !
  16. Wow! That's really awesome of you, cyberguile. I was thinking of paying down the bracket some smaller prizes so the challenge could continue, but another board in the mix makes it even better!

    Congratulations, Jono! I hope you enjoyed your day of infinite happiness. :D Let's PM so we can sort the logistics on getting you your prize.
  17. Err... any player, Cyberguile? Also, same rules, like are clones allowed or just the original game? Also, is a video required?

    If it's really any player (including me), I'm so on this.

    Edit: On the off chance it's next GM on original as stated, just got this: http://i.imgur.com/sMXLb86.png (I think it's my third GM ever. Two on original (including this one), one of Texmaster. I'm hilariously bad at holdless, I-kickless TGM)

    If it's video required, original not required, I'll attempt a texmaster run. If it's original, video required I guess I'll actually learn how to do input recording for that...

    Of course that assumes it really is ANY player. ;)
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  18. I reached Level 1 twice today! Thanks to mikehaggar to referring me to Kitaru's rundown located here: http://kitaru.1101b.com/TGMGUIDE/ It's definitely very very helpful at tightening my game. (maybe the link should be included in the first post?)

  19. I got to grade 1! However, after getting to grade 1 a number of times, I feel this is where the game really begins. The chasm between 1 and S1 yawns before me. :o Any tips how to practice?

  20. Kasumi: it's obviously about motivating new stackers to play and get GM, not giving away a free pcb :p
    I'm offering my pcb because I felt Jono got Gm just too fast to let a chance to newcomers ;)

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