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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. OOOOO. Nice! Grats on finally getting that GM!
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  2. He got it on my supergun, which is real hardware, too.

    AND as a witness I can attest that he really got it.

    Legit Grandmaster, can talk with presidents now.

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  3. @Qlex I'm not sure that picture conveys the legitimacy you're going for.... :hmm:
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  4. Practicing for Retrothon, I got a ~3 second pb tongiht - Gm @ 10:36:81 (video)

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  5. 10:42:50

    coulda done better but I got super nervous with my good pace at ~800 and started playing it safe

    edit: here's a vid

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  6. Sub-11 finally!
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  7. ei


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  8. kai


    Well it's not much, but this pb does bump me up to #19, so I guess it's worth submitting ^^

  9. kai



    working towards that sub10 ^^

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  10. K



    I missdropped at level 998.. Could have been 9min18~

    Still not very satisfied until I get sub 9min10..
    The time is not saved in the ranking :facepalm:
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  11. Sub-10:30! Hit my yearly goal for TGM1!


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  12. 10:09:36

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  13. ei


    Another small (~1 second) improvement. Shame it somewhat wasted a ~5:00 500 time with slightly sloppy 20G play. Oh well, inching that time downward.



  14. Got into the game again for some days and got my first sub-13

  15. K


    Mehhhh not very happy happy about it.. look's like i'm cursed :V
  16. First one for the record books:

    Probably gonna try to push for a sub 12:30 soon
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  17. GM@12:23:63

    Sry, no video this time.
  18. A few days ago I rolled out of bed & played one game that finally bumped my Texmaster time with a legit TGM1 record.

    GM in 10:42:86

  19. This is a pretty big improvement for me

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  20. Some improvements here and there
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