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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. My first GM @ 13:23.55 [MAME w/ keyboard]

    Got really excited in the last section that GM was possible and made a huge mess.
    Luckily still got GM with a few seconds under the time limit.

  2. GM@13:10:65
  3. As I wrote, congratulations, I had a strong feeling it was close but you managed to do it asap, pretty much. Now the rest of the adventure begins! What will be your new objectives?

    Also congrats to @Gerson , we are having so many different GMs now (including @PiePusher11)!
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  4. The progress since last year is really astounding, isn't it?! I'm so glad that many players are now starting to make their way along the GM path. Even if the series might as well be dead, the journey from starting TGM1 all the way to GM GM GM GM S13 and beyond is so deep and rewarding that I think most people will never need a 4th game.
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  5. It is pretty true though. While the games themselves may be pretty difficult compared to your average game of Tetris it never really seems unfair. The way the grading system works also allows you to feel and see your improvements; Motivating the player to continue playing and beat their personal bests. What really helps for me though is the variety you get through the three games as while they may all still be Tetris, each one plays slightly different to the other, making them unique.
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  6. I think i will go for consistency with TAP master for the next few month. Maybe I can even get to 999.
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  7. When I was streaming tonight, I decided to try to get a new TGM1 PB. I ended up with an ugly Gm @ 11:46:21. I really don't know how I survived this one.

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  8. [​IMG]

    GM @ 10:06:26

    TGM1 time attack is a lesson in futility. Regaining lost time is so hard...
  9. Never expected to reach 500 in my lifetime.
    Once I feel comfortable with reaching higher levels I'll start to work on improving my time.

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  10. ayy
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  11. R O A D T O G M
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  12. Muf


    People with Yotsuba avatars who aren't Rosti still confuse me
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  13. Dunno how I never saw this post. If you are playing on a PCB directly connected to a CRT (or via a supergun) I *believe* you should have 3 frames of lag. I wouldn't be surprised if your LCD was adding another one or two; that's roughly in the ballpark for a non-lagless LCD. Of course, if you're using MAME for TGM1 then you can add another frame or two on top of that.
  14. [​IMG]

    Feels good to miss first GM by getting the S4 grade at level 504. :facepalm:
    Oh well, new best on PCB.
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  15. getting closer to gm :D

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  16. First clear. That 5-column hole was there from the late 400's onwards and I definitely spent too much time and did too many singles trying to clean it up. Given that my previous best was an S6 in the early 600's, getting a clear kind of came out of nowhere. Unfortunately I've gotta go catch a flight now and am just gonna have to sit on this for the entire weekend.
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  17. probably my 3rd or 4th game of TGM1, I miss hard drop though :( might actually make S-Rank!

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  18. All the 20G training of the last weeks is finally paying off.
    Also, my first PB on my PCB!
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  19. I GOT S1!

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