TGM4 Announced^W Cancelled^W Revived!!

Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 20 Aug 2009.

  1. Mihara recently spoke at a Cave event, and announced that he would be showing an early prototype of TGM4 at the upcoming Amusement Show on September 19th. Will Doubles get a much deserved update? Will versus be more prominently featured? Will it have cross-machine accounts? Will it be HD? Have double rotate? Instant DAS?

    Begin wild speculation! :D
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    Mirror piece. And because that will make the game mechanics so much easier, he has to increase the speed exponentially again.
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    I predict the game will feature bullet time or some cheap knockoff.
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    I'd love cross machine accounts.

    Well, I was about to quit. Darn! Guess I'll have to keep playing! :p
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    I predict move reset, but lock delay is lowered to 4 frames at top speeds.
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    Wow, as if TI wasn't hard enough. Didn't only 3 people earn Gm in it?

    edit: I really hope it isn't SRS-only.
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    had to check the date first to make sure it wasn't april 1st.


    though, I haven't even begun to think about touching Ti anyways ^^;
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    All I want from TGM4:

    1. Tetris. Not Tspintris. Not Combotris.
    2. Step reset.
    3. ARS (of course).
    4. No items mode in VS.

    Somehow I'm afraid that I won't get some of those. We'll see how much TTC screws things up.
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    I really want a way of actually playing the game. I won't get my hopes up for it, but that would be one of my bigger desires. Also I want it to have ARS of course and keep more with TGM style.
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    Hell yeah! I took the best time to come back to this website after a while. I can't wait to see what they've updated. Here's hoping it's not SRS only.

    Edit: Reason for editing: Duh.
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    What a frightening typo! Don't scare me! ;p
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    Yeah god my heart jumped into my throat when I saw the phrase "SRS only".
  13. orz


    Re: TGM4 Announced!!

    obligatory "don't ever fucking say that"
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    Hahaha. Sorry. I haven't slept much the last two days. It's fixed.
  15. orz


    Re: TGM4 Announced!!

    not even sleep can drive someone to the point of srs-madness haha
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    I hope it's ARS, I hope there's no SRS nonsense in solo games, I hope Mihara will surprise us in a good way.
    Also, I hope for a console port !

    And when it will be released, would that mean that TGM3 price will drop dramatically ?
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    I have no hope for TGM4 not being a piece of crap. No hope as long as H*nk R**ers is a part of TTC.
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: TGM4 Announced!!

    55 grades, with multi m roll this time..

    First m roll : classic
    Second : invisible lock delay
    Third : invisible next piece (have to play with sound 1min to become a Ultimate GM.)
  19. Ai


    Re: TGM4 Announced!!

    At long last some great news! I also hope that there will be a console version made available a while after the launch of the arcade version. They may add SRS like in Ti as long as ARS is included.

    Some nice suggestions Amnesia. I hope they make it insanely diffiult. It needs to be a real challenge for the elite players.

    Now let's just hope they don't mess up!!!
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    Am I the only one who is ridiculously pessimistic about this? I can't see much way that they could make it better than Ti, and I can see many, many ways in which they could make it worse.

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