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    I was amazed at the leap from TGM1 to TAP, and I thought TAP was the perfect game until Ti was released. I can't comprehend how the game could get better, but I couldn't before either so I'll give Mihara the benefit of the doubt.
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    I guess I'll give uhreekuh the benefit of the doubt; here's some features I'd like to see:
    - Card system (a la Initial D, GHOST Squad cabinets outside of the U.S., Tekken 6, etc.) instead of on-machine accounts.
    - Make rotation button configuration separate from rotation system. Some people honestly want to play WORLD, just not with R/L/R buttons.
    - Scrap EASY mode, bring back NORMAL from TGM2 and TAP.
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    /me starts saving money to buy a cabinet, whatever arcade system needed and TGM4 :p
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    Looking at what Ray posted... Maybe there should be an intermediate mode thrown in to close the widening gap between the Easy/Normal modes and Master? Heck, Arika could dip into their back catalogue and offer some Arrange modes based on their previous games. In fact, they could go all out and offer some "mode folders" in the vein of music game song folders. ("The Original," "The Absolute," "The Terror," and... who knows, hopefully not "The Final." Perhaps "The Return?") If a full "mode-ography" isn't offered, maybe they can just port over TGM1 as "Original" and do some Arrange music for nostalgia's sake.

    So, Arika, where is the indefinitely invisible mode? You know you want to make it, haha. TA Death speed curve with full invisible, maybe take a page from Tetris Friends Survival's semi-invisible and have some conditions to reveal the field... but trigger a -1 grade Regret if the player is playing poorly enough to cause a reveal.

    Also, I see a distinct lack of theme speculation! :p Obviously mechanics are more interesting to chat about, but I am also starting to wonder what we're going to see from the backgrounds this time around. We've gone through Bio, Tech/Mech, Astro, and Astro again... Any predictions for what spicy background theme they're going to serve up this time around? Maybe they'll go Geo and focus on some landmarks around Earth specifically. If that's the theme, Russia will surely be one of the highlight backgrounds. Perhaps for the final background it can zoom out and show a view of the whole Earth. Heh, maybe the game that uses the whole world as its theme would be the one to finally get an international release! :p
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    Abstract theme?

    Down = hard drop?
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    Yes please yes please yes please.
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    I predict it will include A NEW TETROMINO!!


    It will be a rose coloured "g" piece.
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    it looks like a fetus. :(
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    It's an homage to TGM1's 900 section.
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    ness has to go back in time and abort the tetromino
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    They tried pentomino modes in Shimizu Tetris. Turns out they don't work too well with 20G XD

    One could only wonder how a heptomino would fit into all that.

    On the speculation side, I figure they'll probably find some way to muscle in Instant DAS. Also, whatever ARS they use will either be move reset or have a move reset version, I'd think. Maybe it'll be like TNC where certain modes are really really hard without move reset, but still pretty hard with them.
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    The problem is that modes which are hard with move reset generally have really funky feeling controls. Just my opinion. I hate playing ACE-HELL using World because it just feels so slippery and so reliant on abusing move reset.

    I hope this game isn't bad. I've invested over 2000 hours into TGM so far, don't let me down.
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    this is a really great idea

    all i want is something clean clean clean and hardcore music
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    I have no doubt the music will be good if Super Sweep or AYA or whoever did the first three games' music does it.

    Also Kitaru having every mode would be completely insane and wonderful. It would be like Texmaster/Heboris only official!
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    PC port would be the best possible thing to happen here in my opinion.
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    pc games in japan lolololol
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    I agree that it's unlikely, but Arika have released Jewelry Master on PC, and other arcade games like Mr. Driller received solid PC ports.

    I'll be damn happy if it simply gets released in any form.
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    In Skype Rosti, Zircean and I realized what could make TGM4 even more impossible: 500 levels of 5G.
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    Invisible 4G!

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