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    Kevin and I were talking about this in his car yesterday - we agreed that 20G doubles with Ti rules is most likely very very doable. I suggested that maybe doubles could return but go to 500/500, with some altered speedcurve that had two sections of 20G at the end (300 on).

    In addition, there could be a corresponding "mini-master" mode with a similar speedcurve that could segue from Easy/Normal type games to Master type games.
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    It was 999 levels actually but yeah. That'd be freaking impossible.
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    I know this is probably not going to happen, but it would be nice if some kind of light version is released on DS with online capabilities.
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    I hope the quality of the graphic design of the game will increase or go along the line with TAP's quality. Ti got worse than TAP, and TGMACE got worse than Ti.

    And bring back classic rotation with the original colors! Yea, can only hope :p
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    How exactly are the graphics in Ti worse than TAP? I think it looks fantastic.
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    yeah i would much rather a ti-style theme than a tap one

    the clean space backgrounds kick the shit out of the animated nonsense in tap
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    I don't think he's referring to them theme choice, just the overall visual design. Ti looks pretty good in its own way, but I'd say TAP is flawless (overlooking the general plain and primitive pre-rendered backgrounds by today's standards).

    You can't tell from, say, youtube, but Ti has really low colour depth on its backgrounds. ACE actually looks tons better, with higher resolution images.
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    We can do this... Halfway there...
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    The backgrounds are a bit...o_O

    Most interesting for me is the bottom right picture, right hand field. Red border would indicate the Shirase/Death equivalent, and there seems to be some sort of mist over the lower half of the well, presumably there to increase difficulty, so I'd bet it's going to get stronger.
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    Interesting. The screenshots make it look like the gameplay is intact, though I imagine the theme will be much more controversial. It seems that they are taking a different route... Rather than the title and atmosphere emphasizing the difficulty of the game, they are instead emphasizing the skill (and friendliness?) of the players who can handle it. So it focuses on positive things rather than negative ones. Sure it's less "cool" but if it grows the player base then all the better. Oh, and it looks like there will be at least some Russian music in there judging by the notice screen.

    Gameplay-wise we see the return of what looks like proper ARS, the addition of a 4th preview, the removal of level denominators, and new variations on familiar modes. Since the next preview is connected to the screen, it's possible pieces will spawn in rows 21 and 22 like in TGM ACE.

    Shirase's successor has a mysterious mist and what appears to be sparks, I'm assuming from DAS'ing. The sparks in the center seem farther along in their animation than the ones on the left, so that suggests we will not see instant DAS. The I piece appears to be floating in the air despite 20G. Is it possible they added some function to temporarily inhibit gravity, which would completely change 20G play? Finally, from the timer, it seems there is no torikan or it's been relaxed since Ti.

    The Master-like mode on the far left seems to be quite slow as well, 8 minutes at that level is roughly at a TAP pace. Either speed has been relaxed, or this early test version is deliberately "easy" (cools turned off) to better present the game to unexperienced players at the show while they hide the true difficulty for the actual release.

    Finally there appears to be an Easy mode successor. I like that it shows the score but hides the time. Not to mention it directly says how many points the line clear gives. You can see by the even +300 that there is likely no speed bonus like in TAP's Normal mode and previous TGM style scoring systems. This mode appears to be a lot more up front than Easy, which has convoluted and ridiculously hidden scoring mechanics. The TGM style level counter seems to be replaced by a traditional 10-lines-is-a-level system. I'm not sure if I agree with this... it should be consistent within a game in my opinion, but I guess the uninitiated will be directly familiar with it so it's no big deal.

    This is an early version so everything including the theme could be redone before launch. Certainly the NAOMI version of Ti was. But so far I like what I see!
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    what a bizarre looking game
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    Maybe the sub-20G gravity is due to the mist? Man, pieces spawning in 20G at the top of the screen, and being slowed down to 5G in the bottom half sounds scary to me. :ninja:
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    Possibly, which would explain the red border on the upper half but not the bottom. That would almost make sense.
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    The VS screenshot seems to be SRS (left side) vs ARS (right side). Was it possible to do so in TGM3 ?
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    What VS screenshot? The one with both fields playing is two completely different modes, not VS.
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    The theme with the flowers and shizzle looks incredibly nice... People thinking otherwise are just space-horny 11 year old boys. ;>
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    The pink title screen is pure awesomeness. :awe:
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    I think that piece was already placed and is floating because the person cleared the line under it, but that's just me...

    I'm not much for the theme, but I hope they keep the same gameplay we know and love... Also, I find it odd that in the Death-type mode, the player is at level ~550 in what looks like 3:30.36 - could it be that they slowed down the Death-type mode and are going to implement other gimmicks instead to ramp up the difficulty? Personally, I think that'd be lame D:

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