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    Re: TGM4 Announced!!

    Aside from making the lock delay extremely short, how was ACE Another rebalanced for move reset?
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    That's all it did actually. I suppose there are other things you could do, but shortening the delay is the most important.
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    I think that's interesting. At the same time, it's also kinda telling of Mihara's opinion, that SRS is not built for speed...

    I haven't really followed the evolution of the series much, but haven't the skills needed evolved between the games?

    That's interesting. I can think of a few games where instant DAS has been available as well as traditional DAS. Having to hold C to do it might be a little awkward, though. In exchange for 180 slam moves, and the rare ABC maneuvers... I don't know. I know that they were useful, but I don't know how common the oppoutunities were. Did Jin8 ever learn to use 3 buttons? I think he's the only person who won't miss it.

    Master: TAP Speed? Who's playing? More torikans seems interesting. Not so sure about lack of grade.

    Rounds: This could be good. The fog implies that it may be best to alternate high and low, while still maintaining decent stacking, and maybe either platforming above the fog in the high rounds or "banking" a some future line clears for the start of the next section. The shock of the game shifting downwards suddenly might throw people, though.

    Konoha: I don't know if lack of snakes improves it or not. I think it makes it a little too easy. Is big mode that hard to begin with? I do like the idea, though. Particularly telling the player that it's possible to bravo. Does this feel like the evolution of Sakura mode to anyone else?
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    uh wow move reset in ars
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    yeah I'm just gonna assume you meant to write step reset


    edit: fuck, welp, wonder how it's gonna turn out
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    You guys realise move reset means ARE could drop waaaay down and still be playable right? It could completely open up high speed 20G limits.
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    Not sure what to think of the move reset. I'll wait for more details. Didn't Jin8 give his personal opinion about the game yet? Well having multiple torikans in Master mode would indicate that speed is very important so it may still be very challenging for the experts. No third rotation button surprises me too though I still don't use it.

    Does the fact that Master plays like TAP mean that there is no hold in that mode? And no grade in Master is weird or am I misunderstanding and will there be a one awarded at the end of the game?

    Both Rounds and Konoha sound interesting concepts. Having no S and Z pieces in Big Mode will make obtaining Bravos a lot easier.
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    I see what they did there.
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    lol yeah
    and the guy has his camera on the panel rofl
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    A lot of people are interpreting this as no S or Z pieces at all, but it's actually ambiguous... It could mean that the sequence SZ or ZS is never dealt. Which is fair enough in big mode, especially given the importance of bravos.
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    I think the part after the semicolon leaves little room to believe S or Z pieces will be dealt. Or am I missing something?
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    *clears throat*
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    just check the two pics, you'll see the seven different tetrominos
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    The lack of S and Z is in the Konoha mode only.
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    Can you imagine playing with only 5 tetrominoes? Someone implement this! I want to try it. ^^ Seeing as bravo is a very important game element in Konoha there was probably no other choice than to implement it the way they did.

    Big Mode is certainly not easy. Unless you're an extremely skilled player with very good puzzle/piece placement insight (like SAL) one is at the mercy of the randomizer sooner or later. I believe 3 is the highest amount of bravos I ever got in a Big Mode game. Yes it's easier to obtain than in normal modes, but it's still very difficult and you need to be lucky. Even SAL only manages to get a few bravos clearing Big Mode in TGM and TAP from what I've seen in the videos he posted.

    From this it's quite clear that without dumbing down the gameplay getting enough bravos to progress in this particular mode is impossible. The way they designed this mode forced them to look for easier ways to get bravos. Whether this game concept with the Bravo as a central game mechanic is worth it is another question. Though it's nice to see Big Mode games get the attention they deserve with both Konoha and Dekaris. ^^


    Just read rednefed's post and realized I had totally forgotten about the hold feature. I have no experience when it comes to Ti style Big Mode, but it's not difficult to image that getting bravos with hold is a lot easier. Still I believe that the game concept must have somehow forced them to kill the S and Z pieces.

    Is it too much asked to add a setting screen where one can customize the game to personal preferences? Or just add it in the Service Mode. But this an arcade game and I haven't really come across arcade games with extensive game options.
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    Big Mode in Ti is pretty easy, you can score over five bravos with ease (maybe even 2-3 a section). In TGM/TAP it is really difficult, no telling when the game's gonna give you three Z's in a row.

    ARS move reset... mwahahaha *cough*
    I like Ti-ARS though.
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    I assume that there is Hold, but the game is TAP speed. Also, I believe that comment about no grade display means things are setup like TGM3 and grade is not displayed in-game.
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    Thanks for the reply Kitaru! ^^

    Some more Dekaris Tetris pictures and a VS gameplay video. It seems there is no hold, 2 next preview shared by both players in VS mode and it looks graphically very good. There are 3 modes to choose from: a single player mode, a VS mode and another 2 player mode. I'm not sure what the latter exactly is all about. Maybe some kind of co-op mode. Big Mode Doubles would be cool.


    From the pictures posted before in this thread and on the official site it really looks like the other 2 player mode is Big Mode Doubles! There's nothing on the site yet besides the game announcement though.

    Some more pictures over here. TGM4 also featured, but nothing new.
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