Tournament: The 1st Annual Texathlon

Thread in 'Competition' started by Linepiece777, 26 Sep 2011.

  1. So, one day I was at the beach, and I had the awesome idea of making a Texmaster Decathlon. Before I start, however, I need to know a few things:
    1. Am I allowed to host one? (the results and info is on a Google Sites page)
    2. Can I post a link to the page?
    3. Am I stealing anyone's idea? Because if they thought of it first or did one before, they deserve full rights to the Texathlon.
    If Ai or someone else could clue me in, that would be great. Because the tournament would be AWESOME.
  2. That is an idea, but why Texmaster ? We can already play all TGM games. Is it because of the 5 frames lag in TGM3 ?
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    DonĀ“t neglect this...It is huge, you have to know that after SHIRASE 600 the input lag of 5 frames become significant regarding the timing value of the game. I tried again in windowed some SHIRASE and after 600 it is a totally different game than sudden ti.

    I can suggest you to have a look on my best attempt to organize a contest here. But it never ended.

    People on HD are real fighters, it is really easy to make a contest here, but tc is a more individualist and peacefull place, you can not make people fight here. Actually there is no contest here which has been done entirely, until the winner. Every attempts was a failure.
    ...and Jago's Xbox 360 mini-contest too. :p

    Of course, we seem to be less contest-oriented in general. That said, there have been a handful of reasonable successes.

    Beside general usability concerns, I think some players may still have qualms regarding legality. (Or maybe it is just me. :3) Perhaps it is merely down to perception, but emulation of TGM/TAP seems less... brash.
  5. First of all, no. Second, not EVERYONE has TGM. There may be some people(like me) who don't have TGM, so they wouldn't be able to participate. (Not that I would be participating.) I want everyone to take part in this. Third, Kitaru said people are less contest-oriented. I want to change that.

    Anyway, here's the link to the site:

    As I said on the site, anyone can compete. If you want to take part, just say so in this thread!
  6. sounds cool i'm in.
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Yes it is fine, a lot of people have actually their chance if we include the whole serie. But 2 days is still too much, it allows Kevin to have a MM to easily..:D

    Can you be more specific about your trick for prooving the date of the replay ?

    EDIT : OK for me in the contest :twisted:
  8. I'll enter. I have to install Windows XP but I'll still enter.
  9. On the replay screen, it will show the date the game was played, along with the stats for the game(except grade and score). If the game is legit, it will have the same stats as the replay or pic shows at the end of the game.
    EDIT: LadyLily, Amnesia, Ai, steadshot and KevinDDR are all in.
    LadyLily, I don't see you around the site very often. Would you like to join the Amateur leaderboard as well as the regular leaderboard?
  10. Ai


    Nice idea Linepiece777. I'll participate as well. ^^


    It may be easier to make participants share their save file for verification purposes.
  11. I'm also in.
  12. Yeah, I changed it. Now, you have 1 day to play and 1 day after to submit your best score. Also, I added some subpages to the Event List that shows the objective to each event and how the scoring will work for it. I only have some done, though.
  13. Sure.
  14. COL


    ok I will take part
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Only amateur for me please :)

    Actually I was joking for the MM of Kevin. But 1 day is really too tight.
    Many people can have an event one day which prevent them to play, 2 days let a bit more margin.
  16. Sorry, you are known too well around tetrisconcept and are too good at TGM to join the amateur leaderboards. :(
    Also, the time limit has been set back to 2 days to play. After that, you will have one more day to submit your best game.
  17. I'm in
  18. I could be in depending on the days chosen.
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    1. Novice Mode(Score Attack)
    2. Normal Mode(Score Attack)
    3. Advance Mode(Garbage Clear)
    4. Special Mode(Score Attack)
    5. Special Mode(Secret Grades)
    6. Sudden Mode(Time Attack)
    7. Sudden Mode(Secret Grades)
    8. Doubles Mode(Level and Time Attack)
    9. Special Ti(Score Attack)
    10. Sudden Ti(Score Attack)
    For Special and special modes, "score attack" means "highest grade" ?
    Sudden Mode "time attack" I dont understand.
    And for double mode lol ? How can we play this mode ?

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