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  1. 273 @ dunno but I'm hoping to break 300 during the carnival
  2. 491 @ 03:18:31 (Tex Sudden)
  3. whoo!!
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  4. minor improvement: 254@02:46:96
  5. 511 @ 3:20:98 on MAME

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  6. Updated!

    I'm buggering off back to my homeland for relatives and football, and won't have access to a PC until sometime Monday, so if things start lagging behind a bit then blame muf ;)

    Looking good to crack 20,000 over the weekend though!
  7. Will we have the joy to beat our record for this year's death toll ? Starting good
  8. Good thing about this run: I get to contribute more to the cause.
    Bad thing about this run: I somehow sabotaged myself from getting into the 600 section, it's like I'm scared of it.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Improved from 273. Still underperforming in this carnival.
  10. 588 3:49.75 on Texmaster
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  11. 253 @ 2:39:28 in shmupmame
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  13. Well, I suck. But I don't care, because I ACTUALLY cleared Section 1 of TA Death!
    Yes, that was my painfully unambitious goal. 122 more points for the Death Toll, I guess!
    Oh, and I do believe I have not posted on here yet. So... hi.
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  14. Hi @Kappatalist ! That is actually pretty good! It's nice to have people contribute, every little bit helps (it sounds like a crowdfund...)

    I think we're going for a neat sup 20000 now!
  15. [​IMG]
    326 @ 3:19:28
    Hit my goal! Only my second time ever breaking 300, too, I believe
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  16. [​IMG]

    PB off-stream. So close to my goal of 400!
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  17. Okay, I'll help a little bit.

    233 @ 02:12.35

    That was a crappy game that happened to get most levels... I know I can do better. Maybe I'll try more tomorrow!

    Keep dying, folks! :D
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