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Thread in 'Competition' started by Muf, 31 Jul 2008.

  1. About time I started posting images in here.

  2. three m7+ games in a day? that is some staggering consistency. get a Master grade and you'll be my hero
  3. I think I had 2 slower m7 ranks that got bumped off the daily list, and I'm pretty sure I passed the m5 and m6 qualification tests with m7+ as well. Besides that I had maybe 1 or 2 m6 ranks, and then that's pretty much all I played that day. [​IMG] After exclusively playing Shirase for the last while, I feel quite strong coming back to Master. Finally the maximum speed doesn't apply much pressure to me anymore, and I'm finding I can always reach 999 (barring the rare catastrophic misdrop).

    I don't think I've fully brought my Master records up to date with my Shirase record, so I'll definitely be trying for a Master rank in the near future. I just have to perform decently in the main game and credits together.
  4. I played maybe another perhaps 6 games and made some progress...

    A slightly faster m9. Still not the M that I really want, but I'll take it.

    And qualified m8! [​IMG]

    Maybe muf will even update the topic this time! [​IMG]
  5. oh ct you're just so skilled *swoon*
  6. Muf


  7. Muf


    Qualified in a single attempt! I've been consistently getting S3 games all evening. I was hoping I could get an S3 exam on the same day but I got tired and drove into misdrop city, and turned off the machine for the day.

    EDIT: When I said "turned off the machine for the day", obviously, I meant until midnight, because now it's officially the next day, right? Right? [​IMG]

    New S4 record (faster time):

  8. Keep going muf! Won't be long before you're on the all-time leaderboard of your own machine [​IMG]
  9. Muf


    Who said I wasn't going to? [​IMG]

    Finally my Ti machine acknowledged my superior play and after a couple of S4 games it gave me the S3 exam.

    The shaky photo pretty much captures my excitement; I made an epic misdrop at the end of section 5, and only barely passed the section border before topping out. At this point, I was completely sure that I failed the exam, and was caught entirely off guard when the roulette stopped at "??"! I scrambled to take a photo but I could only manage to take a picture of the endgame stats as they were just appearing.
  10. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

    Hi guys,

    Im new here. [​IMG]

    Im mainly into vs-fighters, but I decided that I needed something different which I can also play alone. As I stumbled across a few videos of the TGM series a few weeks ago, I wanted to give Tetris a shot. Have not played one since the classic GameBoy one. I was fascinated by the flexibility of the rotation system, and also the hold piece and the three piece preview of TI. Of course, TI is too expensive to just try it out, so I bought Sega Tetris for the Naomi first which I liked, but it was a bit too old school for my taste. So I decided to to drop many bucks on TI, but I dont regret it. Received it friday last week.


    I have earned my fair share of regrets until now. [​IMG]
    Got quickly promoted to Rank 4, but that was all until now. Receive Rank 3 every now and then, and just Rank 2 a few minutes ago.

    I also have a few questions: which medals do exist (I know of Section Time), and what do the coloured lines mean in the highscore table? Also, what is the difference between provisional and qualified? [​IMG]
    Is qualified only the games in which you play for a promotion?
  11. Firstly, congrats on getting Ti!

    Medals are ST, SK, AC, CO for section time, number of tetrises, number of bravos and highest combo.

    No line means no clear. Green line means 999 was reached and orange line means 999 was reached and the credit roll was cleared.

    Provisional means a non-promotional exam grade. Qualification means a promotional exam grade.
  12. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    The wiki should have this info. In one TGM game, there's a medal just for rotating; you can increase your chance of getting this just by IRSing all your O pieces (for which rotation has no effect outside block-colored games such as Bombliss and Tetris DS vs. with items).

    As I understand it, yes. But then I just read the forum and the wiki; I don't leave near a Ti machine.

    EDIT: incorporate correction from mushroom
  13. RE and RO are not in Ti.
  14. The Enigmatic Form

    The Enigmatic Form Unregistered

    Thanks guys, this helps me alot!

    Now that you say it, yes, the medal information is in the wiki, but I only read the TI article. Should have searched anyway, sorry.

    Now all I need to do is to become better. [​IMG]
  15. Muf


    Well, you're not that bad [​IMG] 2nd place on the World rule leaderboard [​IMG]
  16. I think that's probably the most awesome first post for a member that this forum shall ever see...

    Man I wish I had Ti [​IMG]
  17. First day man! No way man!

    Ti is fun.

  18. gila

    gila Unregistered

  19. 999.... gah. Ti World.
    I guess it is a little bit easier [​IMG] Anyway congratulations!

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