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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 22 Nov 2008.

  1. Just to be sure... RLY?
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Done at San Mateo :

    7--Amnesia---------------S11 - 1199 @ 05:14:36 - 08/12/12 - GO       GO
  3. K


    hey whinny boy can post something about the input/display lag instead of non interesting stuff since you are playing the original ??:V
  4. Alright, scored on Jago's cab, was actually done at Stunfest :

    10--Qlex-------------------S7 -  753 @ 03:23:93 - 15/04/12
  5. I can't believe it!!
    I'm the 1st person in the world (outside Japan) who completes Tetris Grand Master 3's Shirase mode, I'm a S13 Class Player at the original game.
    I can't believe it... I just can't believe it...
    Date: 09/25/2012
    Big Credit Roll cleared.


    PS: sadly the video is screw up, I'm using Capture Solution and all the video is with watermark saying "Capture Solution", it seems like the software uncracked some way :S
    Shit, is there any way to fix this?

    PS2: here's a screen:
    This watermark goes up and down slowly from minute 2 to the end :S

    If there is no solution :S I suppose I'll upload it anyway...
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  6. Too bad about the video, but congrats!
  7. GAP


  8. Congrats on the Shirase clear! Was actually watching a few of your videos the other day too. Too bad about the video though.

    I'm far from the same level of skill, but just started playing again. Haven't really been able to for almost a year. Still struggling with shirase and feels like I have not improved much at all since I first started playing clones of tgm3 in 2007.

    Small personal improvement, not with a new record though. Just the lttle things, decided to make a video just to set a goal. But I'm just seeing myself getting S2's more frequently. And I feel like I have time to think a bit more and I start to "see" the pieces better, almost as if the game is slower. Hold usage is getting better. But I still throw pieces at random when I don't have enough time.

    Hopefully S3 will happen soon.
  9. I completed Shirase one more time... this time S13 in 5:51:36

    Can you believe that again this fucking software uncracked and the watermark is dancing all around the video?? :S

    Shit, so frustrating...

    The sad thing is that I can't use any other program.
    I tried others but all of them makes my game lag :S
  10. K


    Congrats dude !!! :D
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    The most freacking thing is that you can play 1200 with this input lag. Even at 600 it is already tight for me.
  12. nahu, I don't care about the watermark and would love to see the videos :)
  13. Do you?
    I was thinking on uploading...
    Yes, I'll upload it later ;)

    EDIT: here it is:
    Classic: S13 in 5:38:95
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  14. Did you try Bandicam as I suggested? Works wonders on my laptop.
  15. Yes, I did, but it lags my game a lot :S

    EDIT: update the leaderborad, please xD
  16. Very impressive video nahucirujano. Although, I'm a bit worried if we rank TGM3 plays done on a PC that is NOT type X versus real arcade hardware (type x). Isn't it possible for his game not to run at the same framerate as the real hardware? Am I wrong about this? If the games are not 100% comparable, then it just isn't fair. (not trying to diss nahucirujano....his skills are dozens of times what mine will ever be....but just making a point here).

    Maybe there should be two categories...real hardware, and just any PC....unless I'm wrong and it's identical.
  17. Basically, I think you're right on this point, and not only regarding Ti but all the TGM series. PC versions and AC versions are so different... How many people could do the same performance they're doing on a PC, in a game center in front of the original game ?
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    What nahu did here is stronger than the original one, if he can finish with this laggy version, he can do it easier on the original game.
  19. Mike has a good point, I mean, there's no computer which gaming experience is exactly, 100% as the original arcade game. If I remember well, I read at another thread that even having a computer almost with the same specifications as the original arcade, the input lag it is supposed to be unavoidable.

    Speaking about the lag thing, Amnesia is right too, as you can see at my two S13 Shirase videos (I didn't upload the second yet), I don't manually lock from level 500 to the end, because if I try to do it, I start making unintentional mistakes that I usually don't make.

    But there is no problem at Texmaster.
    You can check this by simply watching my Sudden Ti S13's videos, I'm rather faster at Sudden Ti, and I feel I can play with more confidence, such as stacking fast even at high stackings...

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