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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 22 Nov 2008.

  1. FeV


    Qlex has at least a 1241:
    Thank you for finally updating this leaderboard, it's apparently been at least like 5 years since all the times were up to date ;)
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  2. HBM has a 4:21:15 in World Shirase

    Played at Daytona III.
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  3. TWF


  4. upload_2017-8-7_1-17-3.png
    i love 2 level PBs
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  5. TWF


    Level 1138 in 5:12:65, video coming later.

    EDIT: here is the video
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  6. Putting this here for @Yoshi100_Aus 's sake.
    1300 @ 5:51:88 Green Line.
    Congrats on the S13! :D
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  7. upload_2017-8-17_20-16-32.png
    another pb but this time 80 levels not 2
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  8. A couple of weeks ago at Kevin's place:


    1134 @ 04:54:08

    Then today:


    1223 @ 05:13:13

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