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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 22 Nov 2008.

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  2. Well right now I do freestyle but only whenever I pull my I out of hold. It would definitely be cool to try full-on freestyle to see how well it works, and it would be good practice because there isn't much freetyling with the standard strategy. But for now I'm sticking to proven methods... Even the grandmasters primarily keep an I piece in there.
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    Well I brought it up because I noticed you create overhangs where you could just use hold instead to keep a flat stack. This in turn speeds you up and enables you to survive longer. It's rather interesting; your play style reminds me of KAN's no-hold performances in the use of overhangs in Ti. Also, when you create overhangs, I notice you use suboptimal pieces to fill it (example: 03:17:06) where correct hold use would have provided you with a faster and more elegant solution.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering about the I-only hold thing. Especially when you have quite a high stack and you're not using the held I to clear things down a little.
  5. Rosti I actually feel completely comfortable at the top of the screen with an open tetris hole and an I piece in hold. I'm still in complete control. If you think I kept my stack too high in this video, wait until you see my Master performance. [​IMG]

    Oh, I definitely have a long list of ways I could improve, with better hold use being high up there. It's only recently that I've been able to use hold 600+ at all, so I have no shame in my imperfection. As soon as I get a good hold on it, I would expect that to come up less often.
  6. boo
  7. Code:
     1--colour_thief----------S11 - 1150 @ 05:22:31 - 02/10/09 - GO   GO
  8. Code:
     1--colour_thief----------S11 - 1176 @ 05:19:55 - 03/24/09 - SI   GO

    A final session before swapping TAP in for the Carnival of Death.
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    Who wants to go for a joyride?
  10. 372, not sure about time.
  11. It's too much.


    I want jago's elevator music.
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    Yay I don't die at level 99 anymore ~ :cow:

  13. To: KevinDRR
    Subject: Re: all the shitty-but-fast Shirase scores you keep posting
    Message body: Know your place biatch.

  14. Actually I've had 860ish for quite a while now.
  15. Kevin, whatever your motivations for withholding (kevholding?) records, you should know that it's kind of a rude thing to do in such a small community. You should follow my example... If I have a new record in a mode I play seriously then I post it. I don't upload every new record to Youtube, I wait for a significant improvement. "Surprise attacks" or whatever you're going for just make you look bad.

    Showing your progress allows others to congratulate you and also see the very human learning curve we're all working through. It encourages everyone to play and do better. And prevents stuff like Rosti making obsolete "friendly rivalry" comments.
  16. Yeah, damn lee_n and his "I won't post death scores until I'm M" :rolleyes:

    I was aiming more for the time aspect of that record than the level. Joystick or not, I'm not going to consider anything below 900 in Shirase to be a great score when I've broken 1100 in Texmaster. That screenshot was far more for Kevins "oh wow this time is awesome" posts than anything to do with level. So yeah don't either of you get into any sort of sweat over it, because an 860 means jack-shit to me unless the time was sub 2:30 or something.

    I mean, my account on Ti has only 40 plays (fucking time consuming doubles). I'd be surprised if I had broken any real personal records.
  17. Rosti, if you weren't aware your time means you got S5 at 2:21, as opposed to 579 at 2:21.
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    It's still faster than Kevin's S5.
  19. I don't have any motivations really. I just kind of don't care much and I have to email the photos from my phone to myself and then reupload to imageshack and then make a post and find a good quote which overall is about 10 minutes I could spend doing other things. :sowsuser:
  20. ...or you could just say level @ time and be done with it. :sowsuser:D::sowsuser:D::sowsuser:

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