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  1. It looks like clumsy play sped up -- double DASing, triple tapping, fumbles, suboptimal stacking, and so on. Some of the rotations look inhumanly fast, especially when they include corrections of anti-finesse.
  2. EMi


    Fair enough, how do I prove it to you that I was realistically playing.. I mean sure I may be fast at spinning but that's due to a quick finger motion.. if you think I'm cheating, please tell me how I would actually cheat in this game..


    Edit - If you want to spin that fast you just have to tap buttons for 2-3 years, it gave me a lot of advantage in FPS games and Tetris.. It's sad, I know.. but I found it useful and worth doing.. practice makes perfect mate..

    My game seems to run pretty fine, although sometimes it lags a bit but I think you may be right about FPS.. not sure, I'll see about Texmaster, I tried it a few times but it won't run on my PC.. when I start it it's like "Program has stopped working"..
  3. EMi


    Ah, I see what you mean, but the game runs pretty smooth for me and while I was playing it the time seemed right.. not too slow nor fast.. can you tell me more about this tetris hack thingy? Not how to do it or anything, but how it works..

    What does "TAS" mean as I've seen a few members using that term..

    Oh yeah about Textmaster, I tried it a few times but I get this error "Program has stopped working"..

    Is there any way to prove that I was playing legitimately? ^^
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I think the only one way is to get a device to record your hands and the screen in the same time, no need high quality, nice game and perfect plan, just a quick view on a game where you reach at least lv 600-700 will be enough.
    You can use a mobilphone, camera or video recorder what ever..

    I am sorry to be on this side but we need here to be extremely alert on eventual cheating, conscious or unconscious because we have no absolute way to valid all our scores..

    TAS : Tool assisted speedrun : you play a game running slower, like 80% of the speed, or less, you record it and when you playback at normal speed the game looks like a very high performance that no one could do in playing in a real motion. It is often done consciously because TASing a game can be an Art for some people, and it can be done accidently when the computer is not powerfull enough to make run a game, and if you don´t know how is the natural speed of the game you are not aware that you are TASing...
  5. Fact is... we actually don't care at all except for Amnesia (and maybe a couple other people).
    Most of us play just the game to beat themselves, if you are a genius, good for you. If however you are an average player mistaken by some kind of slowed-down version of the game, it's important for us to warn you as beating this game is one of the most difficult challenge for a human being and therefore, has the potential to make you feel one of the most powerful emotion someone can feel.

    PS: I played the piano for 20 years and your spinning surprised me a lot at first sight of your second video. the first one was just like "hmmm, okay, he plays like shit until 600 then starts to stack perfectly ? wtf ?"
  6. Yes, this is a topic that is taken very seriously. You must understand that Tetrisconcept is a very tight community that is, for the most part, based on trust and understanding.

    Although this is plausible, you also need to understand Tetrisconcept is filled with tetris pros that have been playing since the original release of the first "TGM" title way back in 1998, and have been playing for over 14+ years. Not only that, but many of these members carry skills outside of tetris, including dance and rhythm games, music and composition, hobby in computer sciences, etc. When all of this adds together and we review your video, all of us say: "something isn't right..."

    I advise a level of caution when discussing about the "hack". The TGM3 game you play uses this hack, because the game was not meant to run on everyday Windows computers. This is illegal.

    As Amnesia said, record using a mobile phone or video recorder to show both your computer screen and your hands on the keyboard. To avoid further possible TAS accusations, I also recommend recording a clock. This will show us the video is being played back at real-time.

    I know all of this sounds completely redundant, but with these videos you post, you are setting world records without even knowing it. You are playing games much faster and improving very quickly than the worlds top known players. But we don't question you solely this, we question you about the strange way you play, especially with the way you rotate. Such a pro that clears this game as quickly as you do should not need to do these crazy rotations. This, amongst other things, makes your play style completely in-human. As trained tetris players, we can pick out fake videos, and I'm sorry to say, but yours certainly looks like one. :\

    I apologize, as it may seem like we are attacking you. None of us record our keyboard or computer screen, but as a tight community, you get to see the human learning curve and the improvement rate of other members. Since we don't know you, and we haven't seen any previous videos, we have to question you since you are posting these insane videos. However, if one of us were questioned, we would gladly upload a video that shows our computer screen and keyboard (or, in the example of most other pro members, a joystick).

    The only reason I am very adamant about these videos is because I once created a few TAS-ed videos when I was not so great at either TAS-ing or tetris. Your videos look very similar to mine.

    If you have problems with Texmaster, give Nullpomino a try. It is a java-based game that should work with any computer (just make sure you have java installed)! Remember to pull out your cell phone and record the screen, keyboard, and a clock. ;)
  7. K


    quickly jump in the high speed section and check this :
    Basically he's playing the game in a very very slow way, and the recording video tool can't catch the sound correctly. so he removed the audio track and replaced it with the raw music. unfortunately it's not even well sync..
    weak video edition skills but probably better than tetris :V

    anyway just talking about/to him is already too much consideration.. history is repeating like ghetto and this forum section is not the place for "yes, no, yes, nah nah i'm not faking".. he's already trying to justify the evidence. ban/mute him before we get pages of trashes...
  8. EMi


    Ah I see what you mean, well I joined this forum because Amnesia liked the video and told me to put the score over here.. I never heard of this community before.. I also never noticed I "beat the world record" ( which now it looks like I didn't ), I was only sharing these videos with my friends.. anyway, back to the point, I won't justify any evidence, but one last thing.. Don't say I was trying to cheat, as in fact I wasn't.. I don't see a point why anyway, as I wasn't going to join these forums or anything, but just to show my subscribers.. You can say I was cheating without being aware of it.. but I found it awkward that the audio wasn't synced.. so yeah it might be my recorder slowing down the game ( I used Fraps ).. If Amnesia said it would be fake (at this time I'm not sure myself, as I wasn't trying to cheat, wasn't aware of it either, but as you guys say it's fake because of the fast rotating.. and you have more experience in TGM than I do anyway.. ).. so, as I said, I won't justify anything, but I wasn't aware of cheating either, as I wasn't trying to in the first place..

    Agreed, but I wasn't aware of cheating, because I wasn't trying to, I wasn't even going to join this community until Amnesia told me to put the scores here..

    No, not what the hack/program is called or where I can get it from, but what does it actually do to the game.. if you know what I mean..

    Ah well, I see what you mean there, but as I said earlier, I wasn't aware of A) Cheating/Hacking/Slowing down the game and [noparse]B)[/noparse] Setting world records.. I don't see anything good in cheating.. one reason is that if I would in fact had a world record and I know myself I cheated but others don't.. it'd just make me feel guilty and kind of.. bad for myself.. because people cheer for me that I'm the fastest Tetris player but I'm the only one that know I have cheated..

    We'll see, I'll try to play NullpoMino at that speed and see if I can do any crazy rotations in it :awe: .. is that a way to prove it? If it isn't I'll go for the recording way thingy, but don't expect me to upload it immediately, give me a few days/weeks.. I'm busy these days with work experience ( Computer maintenance :) )

    I didn't even know TASing exists in this game, ( I guess now it means Tool Assisted Speedrun as the members say ) you see.. because it's quite a new ROM and usually it's hard to hack newer ROMs ( as I know of.. )

  9. So, TGM3 is intended to run on a standardized, Windows-based arcade hardware and isn't really programmed with varying system specs in mind. As such, the game isn't programmed to handle frameskip and so on -- if the game drops frames or is running at a consistently slower framerate, the game timer is going to behind the real-time duration of play. Arika didn't really anything extra in terms of hack prevention given the expectation that Taito's security was going to keep anyone from accessing and tampering with game data (lol, we know how that turned out), so it's actually really easy to hook the program with something to hard limit the game rate. Even if it's not intentional, running the game under conditions that impose a consistent drop in framerate prevents records from being comparable to those made when running the game at full speed.

    I don't want to make any claims regarding intentionality, but the videos certainly appear TAS-like. What was striking about your videos was a marked increase in execution speed using the same playstyle. Dropping that much time is a huge deal, and it would require a lot of style optimizations to accomplish. There is a given limit on human ability (in terms of rapid tapping speed and so on) that makes certain input strings not viable when aiming for major records. Under TAS-like conditions, however, those sorts of inputs aren't so disadvantaged held in comparison to standard real-time play.

    I'd give Texmaster (Sudden Ti mode with World rule) and Nullpomino (Speed Mania 2 mode with Standard-Hard rule) a shot. They're written with home computers in mind and are a bit less susceptible in terms of accidentally One of the handy things is that they automatically record small replay files, so you don't have to record live. You can also easily share these files if you don't feel like rendering/screen recording and uploading a new video or in conjunction with a new YouTube video to supply additional information about the game.
  10. K


    blablabla :V
  11. COL


    I enjoyed watching your videos because it allowed me to listen shirase soundtrack without additional ingame sounds.
  12. EMi, you have to understand how most of us feel right now.
    I mean, try to imagine it:
    *we played this game for several years (most of us started with Texmaster Special Ti and Sudden Ti mode, when TGM3 were not avalable "for PC").
    *we saw the improvement of every player in this community. A lot of long long hard working, (wasting time of course) but we could improved ourself after that long time.

    So now, can you imagine how we feel? When a totally new member appears from nowhere, and his first post is a "world record".

    As Amnesia said, I would also recommend to record a game where I can see you playing in front of your computer, with sound and everything (not just added music).
    Or Texmaster or Nullpomino.

    I know I support you the first two videos, but this last one is extremely doubtly.
  13. K


    (sorry i'm not reading all the stuff completely)

    well guys, there is no drama need really. IMO i don't feel offended at all by ghetto boys, cause it's just the way internet is.
    Why do you join amnesia's masoshism by asking kindly proof of something you know it's blatantly fake !?!?
    the better thing EMI can do is to reconize he's wrong and submit a simple video of his real skill.. i'll be more productive to help him improve than maintaining the lie.
  14. Hahaha, I know, sorry xD
    Just trying to emphasize xD
  15. Muf


    It's okay, Amnesia often ruins things for the community :awe:
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Ok dudes...I think it was a success lol...

    I am EMi :V
  17. Muf


    You used an Irish proxy? :p
  18. K




    f*** u
  19. ROFL
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    t'as rien de mieux à faire?

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