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Thread in 'Discussion' started by makalaka, 2 Nov 2008.

  1. SAMAF is in!
  2. Wow. My place in this tournament is getting lower and lower with each new entrant. Heh. It'll still be lots of fun.

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    There's a 25% likelihood that I might drop out of the tournament. Okay, I pulled that number out of my ass but I am really busy. If you guys wouldn't mind if I were to drop out abruptly, then sign me up.
  4. mines not, i was dead last when i signed up, and now i'm still dead last [​IMG]
  5. ?????????

    ????????? Unregistered



    I'm in !
  6. Ai


    Welcome to all the new members!


    Just have fun. I knew full well that I didn't stand a chance especially since I can't t-spin at all. Try to prepare yourself as good as possible and enjoy the tournament. Hopefully some of the weaker players will face eachother in the first round. ^^

    Has it been decided when the tournament starts?
  7. Welcome! watch out for this one guys, he is deadly 53.5APM average. I think another strong japanese player might join soon too.
  8. put me in Goofer
  9. -jay-

    -jay- Unregistered

    I'm in. [​IMG]
  10. Ai: I do play for fun. We should totally be in the same pool, though. I don't really T-spin either.

    Also, I think we can expect at least one more guy to join. I'm trying to get my friend to sign up, but he's at work right now. Hopefully he makes it before the sign up deadline.
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I think it is too late...
    I hesitated, the only one reason who prevented me to take part of that, is that I still have no internet connection to play in serious conditions..
  12. ahhh group 3! group of death!
  13. Hah. Yeah. I think I'm going to get 10-0'd four times. hahah. That's okay though. It'll be cool to watch it happen.
  14. by any change more beginners in my group? :D
  15. Ai


    It seems like we both have no luck at all... Anyway good luck! ^^

    I'm the only one in our group that can be considered a beginner. All the rest will destroy us easily. If you truly are a biginner that is. ;)
  16. yea im not a beginner in tetris general jus this game i started half a day ago, but it goes fine allready and this game really is a joy. Jus the Tspins are a pain in the ass. ill start learning them after the tourney i guess ;p
  17. i'm hella noob i hope my group is worse than me [​IMG] (not gonna happen)

    should be ok tho coz at least i'm not in the death group ROFL

    i've seen -jay- around, he's gonna 10-0 me
  18. Good luck to you as well Ai.
  19. Blink won 10 - 0 over me.
  20. Blink over jujube 10-0, the games were closer than the score indicates.

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