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  1. Ai


    I'll play all my games this weekend. Also do they visit the IRC channel or are there other ways you have contact with them?
  2. They don't come in IRC, The best way to contact them would be to add them to your TOJ friends list and try to be on TOJ more often so you guys run into eachother online at the same time. Jujube listed the TOJ names of every player in the tournament 1 page back in this thread, and included a guide on how to add people to your friends list.
  3. sandibaby 10 - 2 Ped
  4. Digital 10 - 0 Kasumi.

    good games, as always.
  5. SAMAF > sandibaby 10-0
  6. SAMAF 10 - 0 Ped
  7. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i had a great match against Digital, and he won 10-6. it took about 30 minutes for these 16 games...
  8. Blink over Digital 10-0, some extremely close rounds !

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Those were some intense games you guys. jujube and I had the longest games (awesome rallies!) ever and then blink wiped me out in record time. I think I'm out of energy for today. [​IMG]
  10. Samaf 10-0 Kitaru
  11. ?????????

    ????????? Unregistered

    Thank you for fighting this night?

    ????????? 10-0 Ai
  12. Ai



    It was my pleasure! ^^

    There was only one game where I could play along for awhile. Great overall player. Fast and very good at chaining and t-spins.

    Good luck with your other games in the tournament! ^^
  13. ?????????

    ????????? Unregistered


    ????????? 10-1 TCM-T
  14. There are still a few matches left, so I'm extending the deadline to December 29. If you look at the charts, you'll see that there are only a few holes left that need to be filled in.

    These players haven't done anything yet:
    Rosti LFC

    The original deadline still applies to them, so after tomorrow, if they still haven't played any matches, I'm going on to round 2 without them.
  15. I am playing my match with Rosti today, and will try to fit in any other matches ASAP.
  16. Rosti LFC 10 - 1 KevinDDR

    Anyone else in our group PM me times that are convenient for you (seeing as I'm free pretty much all the time) and we can try and arrange playing times.
  17. Rosti 10 bt outrigger 1
  18. Ped 10 - 8 Kitaru

    some good matches in that set. gg Kitaru.
  19. Just a reminder: deadline is tomorrow(!) [​IMG]


    What is the procedure if you haven't played all your games for round 1? Will you get disqualified? If so, then there might be a chance that you have to disqualify yourself, Kotetsu123 [​IMG]
  20. Ai



    Congrats for those in group 5 for playing all their games!

    I guess it was a bad idea to leave my last game till the end of the year holiday season. I wasn't able to meet the last player I had to face.

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