Tool-Assisted TAP Death Gm - 2:48:93

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    Oh ok, i thought that it was like if you had more blocks on your stack then ARE increased which made no sense.
  2. That's kind of how it works for NES Tetris, -- it's based on placement height -- but I think it has something to do with how it updates the playfield graphics when you place the piece. :p
  3. Sorry for posting in this old thread, but I have a question, since I want to experiment with TASing a little bit.
    How do I do backtracking? I do not really understand this explanation...
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  4. There's probably one .inp file per frame... ? And so if you're at frame 1325 and want to backtrack 12 frames, just load frame _1312.inp.
  5. AFAIK there is only one .inp file, and I can not extract it or read it using Notepad++.
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  6. Muf


  7. i don't get it
  8. Probably counting from 0 instead of 1.
  9. I know I'm not the one who was asking, but I'm actually quite interested in what tools are used for this, too. Also anything you'd use to play around with the pieces for planning purposes, like whatever tool it is that's commonly used to make GIFs of Tetris moves.

    I'd like to finish a TGM1 TAS over the summer to improve my stacking technique.

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