Tournament: Tournament Finals Broadcast LIVE-July 7th

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    We are down to the last day of our Summer 2010 Tournament!

    On Wednesday, July 7th we will be broadcasting live as our top 4 players go head to head to win the title of Ultimate Tetris Master. This of course is accompanied by a special forum user group with a championship belt to go along with it. PLUS our first place winner will win a prize valued at $50.

    PLUS the second place winner will win $25

    Still not enough? Well all our players who came to all their matches are entered in a raffle to win a prize as well.

    SO, please join us as we watch BlinkHD, massi4h, A1R GEAR and echo x massi4h battle it out.

    Oh, and to make things interesting we have each player playing all 3 opponents to get a seat in the final match. There will be 7 games total.

    You do not want to miss it.

    you can view teh schedule in the tournament central forum of
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  2. I know I'll be there! :D

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