Tournament: Tspinweekly's Tetris Splash Summer 2010 Tournament

Thread in 'Competition' started by OV3R EASY, 27 May 2010.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that Tspinweekly's Tetris Splash (xbox360) Summer 2010 Tournament sign up deadline is this Friday May 28th at noon EST. If you are interested in playing visit:

    Register to tspinweekly using your xbox live gamertag name. Then go to the Tournament Central Forum and fill out the sign up sheet. The Round 1 match ups will be posted Friday May 28th in the afternoon.

    The prizes for this tournament are:

    First Place- $50 value
    Second Place- $25 value
    Raffle Draw: All players who show up for all of their games will be entered in a special draw (except for the 2 finalists) and we will draw during our live broadcast when we do the Tournament Finals.

    In the past we were only allowing Canadians and Americans to enter because we were hoping for a real sponsorship, but it's not looking promising right now sso for the event we are allowing ANYONE worldwide so long as you can make it because we are still a scheduled tournament.

    That said, they is a little room to be flexible as needed in round 1 and 2, however round 3 and the finals are LIVE events and you will have to attend at the right time (even if that is 3am for you) sorry.

    If you do not have an xbox360 you should get one as we will do Touranments 4 times a year

    Thank you


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