whats the optimal background music for tetris?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by herc, 12 Jan 2007.

  1. My all-time favorite Tetris theme is Music 3 from the NES version.
  2. Cubicz

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    Actually, I believe it shifts with the abilities of the player. Example: I had my itunes on random the other day, and Hysteria by Muse came on, which is a real pump- up song for me, and also it has a similar BPM to what I was playing at the time. my TPM = the songs BPM. I play at about 80 tpm now, so I try and find songs that have 80-90 bpm, or double or half that number, and i play tetrominoes ot the beat, sorta subconsciously, and I was placing well cos i was so pumped up [​IMG]

    kinda silly, i know.

    does anyone know off the top of their head 80-90 bpm songs? lol
  3. tepples

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    When I found that tendency in my own play, I made rhythm mode in LJ.

    Raid your didder folder.
    • Weebl and Chums - Badgers
    • DE-SIRE - Trip Machine
    • MR.DOG feat. DJ SWAN - gentle stress (AMD SEXUAL MIX)
    • Melissa - Fantasy
    • Judy Crystal - Nori Nori Nori
    • Kelly Cosmo - I'm gonna get you!
    • Mr.T with Motoaki. F - Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix)
    • ZZ - The legend of MAX
    • RevenG vs DE-SIRE - Tsugaru

    PM for moRe.
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    the rock/metal song is cool. sounds like yngwie playing at 1g [​IMG]
  5. they show tetris 4000 in this video. but tetris4000 seems to be removed from alawar.com -- ttc got their claws on this one, too? but hey - they were selling that game... probably without a licence from ttc.

    @rosti lfc: do you know if this song is creative commons / freely usable?

    any linke to Ozma homepage or such?
  6. As far as I know, Ozma split up.

    I've got the song on an .mp3, which was from a link posted on here, by tepples I think.

    It's uploaded here:


    You can download it if you can bother with the multiple page thing.

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