Win a million dollars playing Tetris

Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 9 May 2008.

  1. MTV reports, "Yes, a chance to win one million for dropping blocks. That probably wont happen this year or next, but that is Blue Planets end-game goal with The Tetris Cup competition. They want live, televised matches showing how Tetris can be just as intense as a game of Halo 3."
  2. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    "Time to start hopping online again on Tetris DS"
  3. K


    or more simply you better start all of you to seriously learn SRS.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    How intense can it get? Intense enough for hardcore players? Or intense enough for hardcore casuals? This competition thingy will never be taken seriously until the guideline starts shaping up. Until then, I'm sticking to the fanmade incarnations that are actually intense.
  5. kiwibonga

    kiwibonga Unregistered

    Cool! 10 to 15 US cities in 2009! See you in New York!

    What's this about a women's division though? Are they smoking crack? For sports it's understandable, because men have an unfair biological advantage, but this is a frickin video game... There's just nothing that would justify having a separate division... You know, unless the tie breaker is a cage match to the death or some shit...

    Anyway, let's hope Tetris DS isn't too outdated by then... Or that they get rid of combos...
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    wow that is totally weak. on a good day i can beat a girl at tetris. just give me a chance.
  7. girl division? that is whack. They might as well make a non-asian division as well. It's unfair to have to go up against asians, their hands are so tiny and quick. [​IMG]
  8. I think Chaos and I need to talk... and practice... o_o;;
  9. Chaos

    Chaos Unregistered

    so it finally hit the public huh? Well...this is the big plan for Tetris from our first tourney...they wanted to eventually expand these tourneys to find the "best" (note how this has quotation marks around it) tetris player...
  10. I seriously doubt the next tournament will be played on Tetris DS.
  11. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    Yeah, Tetris DS is like, 2006. It might be something online with Tetris Splash.
  12. They don't need to change the guideline much for single player. They just need to make the DAS customisable to really open up the speed and sort the men from the boys.

    No combos or t-spins would be nice too.

    Also, I hope this is in 2010/2011 when I should be in Boston, MA.
  13. im predicting the games played will be tetris ds, tetris friends, and that one blue planet mobile tetris game that caffeine won the tournament for. possibly tetris splash and the new wii tetris coming out too.
  14. Chaos

    Chaos Unregistered

    well first off, if they aren't planning to host it on TDS, then they'd have to re-do a tourney here. Switching platforms for an ultimate prize at the end seems less than fair to me.

    i really don't know what's going on with Blue Planet though. I've been out of circle with what they've been doing.
  15. Chaos, don't forget that there was a TTC sponsored tournament before, which was played on Tetris Evolution. What does "re-doing" have anything to do with it?
  16. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have three contestants: one, two, tha-reeeee! So I give you... Super... Mario Bros... THA-REEEEE!!!!!!
  17. ... dear god.
  18. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    so then what should we expect, Tetris Wiiiiiii?

    i think if they want something good to watch (like as good as Halo) it should be something the players are familiar with. at the very least the players should know the controls so they aren't rotating the wrong way and such. it would also help to know which T-spins will and won't be rewarded, or if they'll be rewarded at all.
  19. Chaos

    Chaos Unregistered

    in the sense that they are using our tournament at the University of Hawaii as its first step towards this goal, then I'd assume that they'd be looking for the best tetris player of one platform. I know that they are/or should be planning another tourney here in Hawaii that's open to the entire state, and not just college students. but my point is that if ever they were planning to change what platform was to be used, then I'd assume that they would make sure that the entire project would be put into motion using only one game, and not several.

    the tetris evolution tournament was only a small one to gauge the interest of tetris here I believe. although dont quote that as i'm not totally sure about it, as i wasnt there at the tourney...
  20. I still don't get why they couldn't use multiple different games for one tourney. Remember the Pac-man tournament last year which culminated in the unveiling of Pac-Man CE as the final round game?

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