World record of Tetris for Gameboy = ?

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    So my high score of 9999999 with 9337 lines doesn't matter because I am playing on a gameboy? I have reached 9999999 several times, this is just the first time I have ever had so many lines.
  2. Sorry, I was more thinking about "40 lines" and "Ultra mode". I hardly ever play marathon.

    - Jono
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    I've hit 2,000,000 and 1,000,000 a few times. Who and how do I contact to prove this or show people?
  4. one because you can't get more than 999,999?
  5. Kevin is right that the max score of Game Boy Tetris is 999,999 -- any recollection of scores in the millions is unfortunately mistaken. If by chance you mean Tetris DX (for Game Boy Color), the max score is 9,999,999, and many players have achieved it.
  6. This was definitely worth reviving a 10 year old thread for
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  7. I don't think this deserves the snark. It's a fairly simple mistake to make that has now been addressed, and it's in an appropriate thread and acts as a self-documenting action — previous discussion in this thread already ambiguously or indirectly referenced Tetris DX. Not everyone is going to enter into this community with an equally comprehensive knowledge of the games, and people aren't going to stay, learn, and enjoy if you don't at least give them that chance.
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  8. I'm sorry if what I wrote could be interpreted as snarky. I was merely amused to realise this thread has not been touched for 10 years before someone dug it up, rather than making a new thread or trying to find the appropriate high score thread.
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  10. I guess no one plays it then :p
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    Alright, nobody plays the tetris game with the most produced physical copies. There's still interest in this game. I know the only purpose of this shitty forum is to push talk about the TGM series. Talk about other games is not intended. There's no talk about Gameboy tetris here because this game has no "appropriate high score thread". If people asked for such a thing they are instead told how bad that game is. I could also tell you reasons which make Gameboy tetris better than NES tetris and nobody would talk here about NES tetris either if Kitaru didn't make an appropriate high score thread.
  12. elaborate
    ah yes, because "the game has flaws" = "this game is bad".
  13. Muf


    So make one. Just be aware that you'll be expected to maintain it. That and you have to register a user account to make threads.
  14. Wow, I really should choose my words more wisely it seems, people are ready to take offense from anything. :p Don't take this stuff seriously.

    Honestly, there are a lot of flaws in the GB version of Tetris, I think anyone who's been trying to get deeply into it would have to acknowledge that.
    But you'd also have to acknowledge, like our Guest here said, that it's obviously one of the most influental Tetris versions ever. It was pretty much the single reason the Game Boy was a success to begin with, and a part of the family of strong brands that helped boost Nintendo through the early 90s. A majority of us probably started out with either this version of Tetris, or one of the old DOS releases.

    Like Muf says, anyone is free to start up a competition thread on on GB Tetris, and knowing the users in here, several would probably be ready to take it up, even if they don't enjoy playing the game much. But even as the popular Tetris game that it is, I do think it's safe to assume there's not a lot of serious competition in this one.
    TGM and NES Tetris are pretty much the only single player versions of Tetris with serious competition (there's a huge VS competition in various clones and guideline games though), and considering the NES version is so close to the Game Boy one, but fixed a few of the most glaring "flaws" in the game, I don't really see any objective reason to prefer GB, except as a personal challenge.
    If you're extremely good at GB Tetris, you would probably be even better at the NES one, and there are a few highly active high score threads for that one that you should consider participating in.
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    It's true that a GB thread wouldn't get the attention like the NES one (becos NES world championships, ecstasy of order, GB harder to record, longer games, autorepeat pretty useless). It may take a while before people start posting but eventually they would: GB tetris is roughly as hard to max-out as NES tetris (in case of a max-out the least needed lines would be the tie-breaker). There are also no regional differences (North America, Europe, Japan) and it's more widespread (I haven't seen a NES in my whole life but GBs a lot). Last but not least, less effort is needed to get to a decent level (no weird autorepeat mastering needed, the bricks start in the same columns as in modern games).

    The main reason related to this thread: A real singleplayer focused tetris forum would have had such a GB thread since a long time. I have other reasons, plus I wanted to see how people react to this wording. Muf calling GB tetris shitty (the Japanese text translates to that) also played a role. If Muf can call GB tetris shitty (his opinion), then I can call his forum shitty (my opinion).

    And there's the dilemma: I will not create a user account on this forum. So I can neither make a thread nor edit the main post.
  16. that's
    extremely strange reasoning
    but w/e
  17. No true Scotsman aside, the content on this forum is user driven. If users have not yet created a high score thread for a particular game, that would probably be because the users aren't playing it. But if someone were to create a thread, that might encourage some users to check it out.

    I guess this is where you and I differ, if there is something that I think is missing somewhere, I generally try to get involved rather than just complain. No one is forcing you to join, but it just seems strange to me that your response to being given a solution this issue you see with the forum is "that solution isn't good enough".
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  18. I don't think a niche documentary is ever going to change that fact that the GB version of Tetris is still vastly more popular in the public eye, but it really makes sense that the NES one is a lot more competitive.
    I don't know if GB is actually harder to make a record on, since it never gets as fast as NES, and can potentially go on forever (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's what I heard?). A huge part of NES Tetris is optimizing your game, playing for tetrises, and trying to waste as few lines as possible on anything less. It's an incredibly deep game, and strongly competitive. Sure maxing out GB Tetris is tough as nails, mostly due to the useless autorepeat (DAS), but you get a lot more leeway, so it's difficult to compare.

    I also completely agree with you that mastering the DAS on NES is way too technical, I like my Tetris games being intuitive, but I respect the people able to pull it off. It's a huge metagame, and one of the reasons getting a maxout takes incredible dedication.

    I agree completely, and said so myself further up. So why all the negativity?
  19. Game boy tetris is FAR HARDER to max-out than NES tetris.
    Because you need to do singles for like, twenty minutes once you reached level 20 making it, eeeer, totally uninteresting to play.
    And I say that because I've been trying to break the darn 700k for 2 years.
  20. there is a new game boy tetris world record (:
    1.603.576 by Mark Migas (me)
    1277 lines
    played on Game Boy in December 2021
    calculating this was not a lot of fun lol. the longest game i ever played tetris


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