Youngest GM player?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by MarioThePhenom, 29 May 2012.

  1. wait really? double lame
  2. TF has a GrandMaster title attached to one of the ranking levels in Battle and Arena. (◔◡◔)

    But of course, that's not really the same thing.
  3. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Yeah, many tetris games are zero star, effectively.

    Marathon mode in current guideline games from tetris DS onwards is wayyyyyyyy too easy to clear.
  4. blahblahblah

    blahblahblah Banned

    i have GM in all modes, including easy and shirase
  5. yeah so i wanna know who is the oldest person to get a GM in TGM1

    because i'm claiming that slot until proven otherwise (first did it at age 26 i think)
  6. I think Nicofromtokyo was older when he got his GM recently.
  7. COL


    I was 27 when I had my first (tgm1) GM in march 2009
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    777 is 40+ today..
    So he was maybe around 27 also minimum.
  9. Muf


    [noparse]m:)[/noparse] might be one of the oldest players in TGM1 who hasn't gotten Gm yet, but I haven't seen around in a while.
  10. When did Mihara get TGM1 GM? ?_?
  11. :oops:

    First GM in Mame, was 34.
    First GM on cab, was 35.

    So I would be the oldest guy to get his first GM ? Well, you won't never beat me on that record :p
  12. Ashie Poo

    Ashie Poo Unregistered

    If everything goes good tomorrow i'll have reached GM at the age of 12 :p
  13. I did it at the age of 15, but if I remember correctly, @BBQTurkeyzZ is younger than me. He got GM about 1,5 months after I did.
  14. ye
  15. Well, I should just play on Mame and beat you ;) Did my first GM on Zinc with 34 and 11 month. ;)
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  17. Greeniscool3

    Greeniscool3 Unregistered

    You may be surprised, but I earned my Tetris Grandmaster rank at the age of 12 which is what age I am now. I don't actually have a PlaySation or an Arika arcade machine, but I got my Grandmaster rank from Nullpomino's Grade Mania.
  18. Cool, played with Classic1 rotation rule? :)
  19. I got TGM GM (PCB ) on January 2017 at the age of 40... O_O my avatar is appropiate isn't it?
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